Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can We Talk ?

Can we talk ?

A couple of days ago there was another airplane incident involving an attempted terrorist attack on another airliner by a Muslim. This guys own father tried to warn authority's that something was wrong with his son . No one really listened to him .Stricter safe guards are being put into place all around the world due to this newest attack.I have to ask myself WHAT NEXT ?I am sure you are too .I certainly don't want to fly anywhere .But why let a small faction win and restrict my freedom ?

Already you have to take off your shoes . There booths in airports around the world that can see you naked to make sure nothing is on your person that may be used to harm passengers or airplanes . Ironically enough , Amsterdam's Schipol airport that the alleged " Christmas Day Bomber" flew out of to America, has one of these booths . Wonder why it wasn't used ? You may be subjected to random body searches , which can include body cavity searches , with out your permission.Long lines at the airports with missed connections .No water allowed in  long lines .On and on the list goes of things you once took for granted when you traveled are now a thing of the past .

Now there are the NEW RULES too !The Newest of the NEW RULES say you have to remain in your seat on board for one hour before landing or take off .What happens if you have diarrhea and can't hold it ? If your little child has to go to the toilet before the landing ? You will not be allowed a pillow or blanket in your lap during certain times on the flight . These rules are for ALL INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS INTO AMERICA. But I have heard some USA domestic flights were subject to these new rules as well . They are enforced at random .

Ok , here is what I have to say about this ....People , company's , countries all have to do ,what they have to do, to save lives . I think we can all agree on this .What is wrong with this picture is that most of the reasons for all these extreme measures are due to  the actions of some extreme Muslims that do NOT REPRESENT THE  MUSLIM SOCIETY AS A WHOLE . People forget that and want to lump all Muslims in a nice little neat package and label us TERRORIST . well , it won't work .WE AREN'T  ALL TERRORIST . For real , you gotta trust me on this one . We really aren't .

Just as in the 60's and 70's not all Christians were terrorist either when the Baader Meinhof gang was running a muck all over Europe . Anyone old enough to remember them ? No one went around accusing Germans of being terrorist. What about the Japanese Red Brigade ? Remember their terrorist organization ? They were communist .No one said that ALL communist were terrorist , even if they were thinking it , and communist weren't, or that all Japanese were terrorist .Ok ,what about the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization of  Israel ?  

Contrary to all and sundry , not all Israelis are terrorist either .So , why is the world labeling the entire  Muslim population terrorists?

Things that are done in the names of freedom , libery , justice ,revolutionary change, and or religion don't make it so just because these words are used to hide dispicable acts of certain people . It doesn't describ the whole . It isn't the whole . Please keep that in mind the next time something horrible is commited useing those words . Remember also, just because something looks like a duck , doesn't mean it is a duck  , even if it does quake.

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Anonymous said...

Of course not all Muslims are terrorists. I think most Americans understand that and regret the troubles that stereotypes bring upon the innocent.

I think the airports and security people try not to profile to the point that it is sometimes rediculous the people who get searched.

I don't pretend to know the answer. Terrorists don't identify themselves, there is no easy answer. Do you really want to fly on planes where no one has been checked? Again, I don't know the answer, do you?