Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Frankincense And Myrrh

Frankincense is the luban we use here in Libya as incense and some times chew as gum . Read all about it uses , including as a treatment for the type of brain tumor that Ted Kennedy had ."Boswellic acid in vitro antiproliferative effects on various tumor cell lines (such as melanoma, glioblastomas, liver cancer) are based on induction of apoptosis. A positive effect has been found in the use of incense on the accompanying specimens of brain tumors, although in smaller clinical trials."
It also was used to make kohl eyeliner , used as a treatment for digestive disorders, nerves ,arthritis,and repels mosquitoes when burned.

It was one of the 3 gifts from the Maggi to the new born Jesus. It has been used for centuries to anoint kings and  to mark religious mile stones. To discover more about Frankincense, go here .

Myrrh is used as a medicine and as a incense like Frankincense . It to was one of the gifts from the Maggi to the new born baby Jesus . 

At one time it was valued by it's weight in gold , so great a item it was deemed . It was used as a anointment for sprains , as a antiseptic ,a embalming ointment , an ingredient for perfumes, and to anoint kings and religious leaders. It is also used to lower blood glucose. And can be used as a analgesic. For more on Myrrh , go here .

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