Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Here !

It's here ! It's here ! It's here !!!! My package from my sister in the US finally arrived in Tagura . Well , not the actual package but a card from the central main post office in downtown Tripoli .They notified my local post office , where we have a post office box  here in Tagura , that my package was ready for me to come and  pick it up from the central post office where they handle all international mail .

The box arrived in Tripoli on April the 27th , exactly as the US postal service said it would , but it took an addition length of time for it to clear customs and immigration , I suppose, once it arrived in Tripoli .

Once again , since this is our 2nd package from the US , we were treated with respect , everyone was quite helpful toward Moe and I. I think it took us all of 15 minutes to get the package , have the inspector open the box in front of us , for the very 1st time I might add ,and clear the package for us to pay the import tax or what ever it is called , and leave the post office .They even carried it out to the car for us , since Moe and I each use canes to walk with .So impressive . 

I asked about my mailing a package to the US and was told I could  mail a package up to the weight of 20 kilos ,not bad . As to the price of such a package , we didn't get into , but the man gave us his number for future help .I am writing all these details just in case some one out there is interested ,lol .

It was like having Christmas and Ramadan all rolled into one at once ! My sister and her family sent me all kinds of goodies that can't be found here yet , such as certain spices I like , instant sauces, and special mixes for special dishes that we haven't had in year.I have half of Ramadan's dinner menu planned now , lol ! 

She also sent me copies from the Houston newspaper of the supermarkets food sales from the week she mailed the box . I go on line once in a while to check these things out so I can stay abreast of prices . That way when my daughters talk of food prices , I understand better what they are talking about .It was so cool to hold an actual newspaper in my hands !

She sent along the activities section as well , you know the part that tells of current events in the community like fairs or festivals . By the time I finished reading that aloud to Moe , we were both exhausted from all that fun we had going to all the festivals , fairs, and party's !!We were reminded of all the little cities and towns in and around the Houston area .So much free fun , or almost free fun happening all over the place !One fair even had belly dancers and free camel rides . Now ,how can you turn that down ? I mean , really, a camel ride ? How many of you have ever been on a camel? 

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Khedegah said...

Salam OTE,
THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS! I will pass the info on 2 my husband, so he can make sense of it, ie see if we can make it work for us!
Your blog is a real blessing for me. There are some problems in my family at the mo, that Alhomdolelah do not involve me or my husband, and ur blog is an escape no matter how short from the drama! Will prob blog about it one day, but now I just have 2 endure it, to make matters worse as you know I am here minus hubby ....I WISH I HAD A FRIEND NEARBY I COULD VISIT RIGHT NOW, instead I think I will go out 2 the sheep. Very cryptic but you know what families are like here. Always a drama! K xxxx