Thursday, May 13, 2010


It is strawberry season here in  Libya . I have bought tons of them .They are so good ! Deep red , sweet and juicy , tasty all alone . Some times I mix them in with our breakfast yogurt . Sometimes on top of cake with a hugh dollop of whipped cream crowning the treat .They are so high in vitamin C . One of the highest counts of vitamin C in a natural food , other than hot green peppers some one once told me .

When I was preganat with my oldest daughter I was forced to eat them for their vitamin C content.My youngest daughter , when very little, wouldn't eat anything unless we told her it was a strawberry . As a young child,I would spend my summers visiting a aunt who's husband would plant an entire acre of land  consisting only of strawberry's . I would go sit in the middle of the field and eat them to my hearts content . When called to come in to wash up , she would find my hands and face , along with my clothes, stained bright red .Now that was heaven!

 Painting by Jacqueline Gnott : Strawberry


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Sparkling Motivation said...

Awwww... I couldn't believe it was a painting!! T_T Yum-o!