Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The News In English

Strange weather going on tonight here in Tagura . It was hot all day , then around sunset it turned coolish . After sunset the wind began to blow from the south and we were in the middle of a killer dust storm ! The wind would shift again to the north and we would have humid foggy smog with dust particles floating around in the air . Wait 5 minutes and it would be a raging dust storm again . Windows rattled and things were going bang in the night  outside . The Condo is full of bugs that have been blown in through the cracks in the doors and windows . Ugh !! Patches La Chat hide under the bed .It still can't make up it's mind what it wants to do .

Am waiting on a package from my sister in the States . They tracked it and it says the package arrived here in Tripoli on the 29th of April . I wonder how long it will take the Tripoli main post office to notify the Tagura post office it is here ? I can't wait to see what she sent to me . It will be like Christmas !!!I love surprises like this .

Friday our son and his family came over to spend the day with us . The boys have grown so much since the last time we saw them . We had so much fun with them all . My son went up in a helicopter for a ride sometime last week and told us all about the experience . I was giving him a hard time about it , because I have always wanted to go up in a helicopter or a hot air balloon for a ride , all my adult;t life , and he knows this . I told him he should have taken me with him. I never say stuff  like to him normally , but it just came flying out of my mouth this time , lol .

My daughter in law was teasing me about how it would be impossible for me to go up for a ride in a helicopter since I am so big ... her words not mine , lol , and that if I DID get to go in one , it would fall to the ground because of me being in it!Then ,to add insult to injury , she starts to laugh hysterically just thinking about me crashing !I told her I would take her picture and post it on my blog for all the world to see how much she loves me . For some reason , that made her laugh harder ! What to do with this girl , eh ????

I am determined to get my blog reading caught up, hopefully tonight . I said hopefully . It is after 2 a.m. , so am not too sure just how realistic that is , but I will try . I have missed reading about all of you and things that have happened to you in your daily lives . Like a piece of your family not talking to you . It is all my fault entirely .

Well , actually it is all MOE'S FAULT ! I am putting the blame all on him since he has started to demand more and more of my time recently .It is .... " Are you getting on the computer.... AGAIN???" I haven't been on in a week or so . Or a " can you take me here ?" Maybe a ," let's go for a ride !" Always something . I wish he would find a new group of friends to keep him busy now and then . I would love to have my time back again to myself ! I see lots of men hanging out on the street corners all over the place . I have even offered to drop him off to met them . He didn't think that was funny, at all . His brother called tonight and took him out for a while . That was so nice .Don't get me wrong .. I LOVE the man BUT ... we spend way too much time together ! I never thought I would say that !!!!

There has been a funeral in our condo units . A woman died last week end of a heart attack . She didn't complain until it was too late to help her . She died just as her husband drove up to the heart hospital here in Tagura .The week before that , a older woman dies in her sleep . She lived down the street from us. A stroke they said .Hum , do you see a pattern forming  here ? I think we need to move ! The sooner the better .LOL !

  The picture above is of the main mosque in downtown Tagura about 90 years ago .Fogot the name of it .It was built by the Turks when they were here in Libya .

Well , I guess that is all my news in English for now ... take care !


Khedegah said...


Please, oh please oh please tell me how exactly you get post! My husband/family /ME are absolutley clueless about it. I have been waiting 9 months for a care package from home...boohoo lol. It took arranging but a friend is hand delivering it LOL.....

You think it is possible to just send a package to Tripoli from Ireland, and then we collect it there. Since you KNOW I am in the STICKS here lol. Or ''bogger land'' as we wud say in Cork.

I have MISSED YOU !!!! You are like me sneaking blogger time.

I know you hate them....but you caved for facebook...the dreaded Cell can get one with internet....That is how I have survived these last few weeks. (H. is going away again inn a few days after a suprise visit)...See how much I missed you. My comment is like a Post.

K xxxx

Rose Bud said...

I want to ride in one too. Love the picture.