Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't Laugh At Me

Ok, promise you won't laugh at me ? It is 5 a.m. and I just heard a very strange clapping noise coming from behind my closet , maybe . We have the type of closets that are free standing and not built in, here in Libya .Behind mine runs the air conditioner cables from the outside unit to the inside unit that hangs on the wall in the hall.

Now you have the picture , here is what scared me .The clapping , it just isn't normal to hear clapping at 5 a.m. in the morning when everyone else is asleep and the neighborhood all quite .I recently had a conversation with my sometimes sane friend about the possession of people by Jinns and demons and it has freaked me out.So , when I heard that noise , I natural thought of that conversation , as one does .

Logic told me to go look behind the closet to see if there was anything going on back there.I psyched myself out to go look . All was good . Yeah ! Then it dawned on me it might be the outside unit that is making the noise . That meant I had to go look outside ... into the dark night .... where "things" live , scary monsters things.There could possibly be a vampire or two hanging out on the balcony  and if I go poking my head out there looking around in the dark .... well , I don't have to tell you all the gory details that went flying through my mind , do I ? The clapping still continues even as I write this. I stay seated in my chair , refusing to investagate  and become a victim to the "things " !


Khedegah said...

Wow you are brave......did it ever stop. That is freaky, cos I woke up this morning to my husband ridding the apartment of Jinn....Of course he would not tell me what he was doing, but I have been here long enough to know.
En sha Allah all is okay. Get some sea water, and say Bismillah before splashing it around. It is a ''cleanser''.

Re comment ''Khadijah Lee'' I wrote that to my ofriend of said name...she was on the wrong blog....not my private one. And I deleted it cos my private blog is a ''secret'' shhhhhhh...You follow ''Life in Mager'' don't you??? I have not seen you there in a while tho, should I re link you???
Ma Saloma
Khedegah xxxx

abdullah SH said...

sorry ODE ...
4 involuntary reason i laughed in the end of story ,,,,

sorry ... but u dont `ve commenst libyan hobby " القصقصة " even seems u living in libya sience long time ago ^_^
i know people if they had same your situation & didn`t knowing wat happen outside ur house they may die & cause of death " they try so hard & in da end didn`t know this thing "



Doctor X said...

Ok ,, I wont laugh ,,loool