Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Busy Month Of December !

Well , it is a busy month , no matter what your beliefs may be , it seems.Like yesterday ( Wednesday Dec.7, 2010) was the Islamic New Year . Moe nor I had any idea that it was the Islamic New Years until the news announcer on CCN told us so .We're bad , I know . Then Ashura is coming , some say say on the 16th of this month . This is another Islamic holiday . You can read about it here .Neither one of these holidays are very important here in Libya. I think right around that time (?) it will be Hanukkah also , again , not too sure on that date . And of course , that isn't celebrated at all here in Libya .Next on the holiday list is Christmas on the 25th of Dec. It is celebrated by the many Christians living here in Libya. THEN is Kwanzaa which is mainly celebrated by African-Americans in America.And of course  Jan.1st is the western calendar's New Years day , can't leave that one out !So , it looks like if you are thinking about giving a party and need a reason ( WHO NEEDS A REASON FOR A PARTY ? LOL!) to throw one , just make a choice of one of the above and have a great time ! Happy Whatever everyone !!!

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