Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guide To What A Woman Needs

Ok guys listen up , here is a quick guide to what women NEED .... Use this guide wisely and you will have a great 2011 .

A woman needs her best friend in times of crisis . Just accept it .
 A  woman needs chocolate . It helps her go to the ZONE.

A woman needs to talk . A lot. About stuff.
 A woman needs retail therapy . Really !

A woman needs to know you appreciate her once in a while.

A woman needs perfume. It makes us smile.

A woman needs some one that will tell her everything will be alright.Even if it won't.
A woman needs to hear the truth. No lies.  

A woman needs to have beautiful lingerie . It makes us feel so....well , you know.
A woman needs to laugh at silly things.

A woman needs to know you like her , not just love her.
A woman needs to hear those three little words ... "I love you."

Painting by: Hall Groat ll , "Supersize Kiss"

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