Thursday, December 16, 2010

Excitment In The Condo On The Seaside

It's raining.It's pouring. The old witch is snoring .
Lovey , lovely rain falling ,singing a siren sing .
I wish I could live inside a rain cloud .

Ok , here's what really happened tonight .After a day filled with low black clouds that baptized us off and on, the evening brought far off rumblings and flashy illusions of misty light in distant sky , occasionally we would have fleeting showers to punctuate the night.As the storm drew closer and closer the misty light became like popping flash bulbs, blindingly brilliant  . The Condo shook as the rumbling morphed into shaking earthquakes
 of sound.The cat ran to hide under the bed seeking refuge .We turned off the electricity , in hopes that the lighting wouldn't search for a way into the Condo.Moe and I sat mesmerized watching the show  being played out in the inky black sky.

The tempest came to a crashing crescendo just as the neighbors began to pound on our door . Moe went to open the door and in doing so allowed a cascading waterfall that was tumbling down the stairs from the roof of the building into our apartment.The neighbors had come to tell us the building was drowning .The drains on the roof top became clogged from the debris the rain had washed into the drain pipes.Only one way for the water to escape it's confinement on the roof top , down ; down the stairs and into any apartment it could take sanctuary , flooding all in it's mad dash.

There was much shouting. Excited rushing to and fro, up and down the stairs with giant squeegees on long handles , mops , brooms,and clothes to help soak up the waterfall .Freezing cold water flowing like a river around the tops of ankles,while drenching clothing .An entire hour was devoted to bring order from chaos.I am sure tomorrow  will see all manner of carpets , drapery , and soft furniture hung out on balconies to dry .

Several blessings came from this near disaster ...... the earth was given a much needed drink of fresh water . We were provided a sound and light show of  unmeasurable beauty. The neighbors came together as a united group to solve a common problem . But the one I love the most ... the building was washed from head to toe in sweet water and is sparkling clean .WOW , you just can't buy excitement like this anywhere .

Painting by :Barbara Kacicek , " Late Rain".

                                        Here is a video by Mystic Moods Orchestra: " One Stormy Night", for you to enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                              


Anonymous said...

Wow you post such a wonderful positive view of the normal everyday catastrophes here. God bless your positive spirit wish it would rub off on some of the others!

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