Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lost Keys

Moe lost his keys .We have searched everywhere for them, for 2 weeks . Under the car seat . In all his trouser pockets . Asked the guy at our laundry if they found them .Maybe they fell under the bed , well it could happen .Nope, not there ,not anywhere .

Today we decided to make him copy's of the keys he lost.Also, to buy him a key chain to put his new shiny keys on once we had them  made .This has happened in the past , lost keys, so we knew exactly where to go in Tagura to have keys made .A tiny little shop ,on a tiny little side street, that has been in the same spot for 40 years , until today .The shop had been knocked down ..... to make room for one more new street.

Oh no ! What to do ? There are of course other key shops but we liked this one . The man made good keys . We never got a key from him that needed to be jiggled in the lock to make it work .Off we went in search of a new key shop. We found one that was located next to a mosque and a coffee shop.

The only place to park was in front of the coffee shop . Not a ideal spot for me to park . It was filled with migrant workers tired from a hard days work, drinking coffee. I saw that they had noticed me , a foreigner with blonde hair .Moe got out of the car. Leaving me all alone in the car to go have his keys made. He took my car key on the same key chain with the rest of my keys .Only one problem with that scenario ..... my car key has buttons on it that when punched , will lock or unlock the car doors .. and cause the head lights to go on or off as the doors are locked or unlocked .I guess I should be thankful that it doesn't cause the horn to honk as well . Some do that you know .

Well , Moe is walking down the side walk with his cane in his good hand holding on to the keys , and with every step , he is pushing the button on the car key. This is causing the car door locks to lock and unlock with his every step. Clunk clink I am deafened by the locks opening and closing .The first couple of times it happened I was surprised , wondering how it was possible they could open and close on their own ... without me using the key. I know ... dumb , but I am blonde ! About the time I realized that it was Moe  walking , pushing the buttons , I also noticed the men in the cafe staring at me in the car.It was because the lights were flashing like mad, on and off ......at them ! Several men looked like they were considering whether or not this just might be their lucky day !OMG !

Moe continued walking along the side walk for about 50 yards all the while the car's headlights were flashing the men in the cafe .I started to laugh , I mean what else could I do ?That seemed to make things more interesting for the men , an insane foreigner sitting in a car in front of the cafe and near a mosque, with clunk clinking door locks and flashing head lights . It just boggles the mind what I must be thinking to behave in such a bold manner, when clearly my man has walked off leaving me all alone in the car .

I thought since there was nothing I could do about the situation I might as well enjoy it . I continued to laugh but secretly hoping that when Moe went around the corner the entire Morse Code of flashing lights accompanied with the clatter of  door locks would end . It didn't .It went on for what seemed like forever. Stopping only when he entered the key shop . Oh, thank goodness !!! But then there was his long.... and need I say SLOW walk back to the car .He walks up to the car with a look of wonderment on his face . He gets in the car and asks ME...... how did I make the car lights flash on and off like that ? And ....WHY ?


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This was too funny!

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This is too funny!

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