Friday, September 9, 2011

A Chance For A Better Future?

If  you are a non-Libyan married to a Libyan and wish to join a facebook group that was formed to write a petition, to be presented to  the NTC asking for you to have the right to own property in Libya , inherit from your spouse , and many other rights , click here for the page. You must have a facebook account to see the page.

Now , if  you ARE LIBYAN WOMAN or know one , here is a facebook page FOR YOU to join . A petition will be drawn up to be presented to the NTC asking them for greater representation of Libyan women in the NTC and future governmental institutions.Here again , you must have a facebook account to join.

These are exciting times here in Libya. Hopes are high with our  expectations of the new government. Let's pray they don't let us down .


Anonymous said...

I am not on FB so I can't sign, but just to let you know that you have my support.....

on the edge said...

Thank you for your support ! It means a lot to me , but you can join FB for free.If you are worried about anonymity , put your profile name as a user name ( like a nick name) instead of your real name. I think that will keep you anonymous.