Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Janis Joplin Said....

Janis Joplin said ,
   "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose,
    Nothing don't mean nothing honey if it ain't free, now now."
in her song " Me And Bobby McGee".

The Libyan people have stood up against all odds and said we count. We're mad and we are fighting back. We want our freedom.They stood up to a dictator and demanded their freedom . You know what ? They got it when everyone said it will never happen . No way you can fight Ghadaffy  and ever win.Take your pick of reasons from below:

He will never let you win .
He is too strong.
You aren't strong enough.
You will never get any support.
 The people are too afraid to stand up for their rights.
Everyone is afraid to fight.

Good thing Ben Ghazi didn't listen to any of those things huh ?

I cam here to Libya the 1st time when I was a idealistic , naive ,pregnant 20 year old that knew nothing about birthing no babies. I came here after having worked for 3 years supporting myself , help supporting my mother. and supporting my new husband until he got his work permit in the US after we married.

I was fully independent.I was hard working. I believed in equality.I was used to thinking for myself and making my own decisions.I thought that would continue to happen when we moved to Libya.I  was so excited to come to Libya and be a trail blazer , a pioneer .

Mohamed's family was a good family.They were  a well educated family that had traveled much and seen the world outside of Libya. They were as open minded as a Libyan family could possibly be in 1972. They welcomed me with open arms and treated me as a daughter of the family. I called Mohamed's parents Bouy ( my father) and his mother , Ommy ( my mother) and I meant it .I felt they were my parents. I also called his sisters and brothers mine as well . I still do to this day.I am honored they call me sister.

We get along like a family , some times it's onions , sometimes it honey.There were times when it was mostly  onions with Mohamed when we lived here in Libya. I had no one to help me . No one had my back. There wasn't any one to turn to .I felt so alone.I never want another  wife to come here and feel like that because she discovered she didn't have any rights like I did.

Those of us (the foreign spouses) that live in Libya, have lived in Libya , or even just visited Libya all have a story.Usually one that ends like this , I had / have no rights because I am a foreigner.  If you never lived here or even visited and you are a foreign spouse, it was for one reason I am sure , the lack of security,the lack of freedom of your rights. Correct?.Now , for the 1st time we have a chance to change that.Change it for ourselves , for our daughters , for our grandchildren from our daughters that married non Libyan men.We can give them what no one gave us ... a chance to have freedom ,equality , and rights. A voice for future non Libyan women married to Libyan men , not just ourselves.This may be the ONLY time in history that this will happen.Don't miss out on your destiny.Your voice counts . Let's hear it.Tell the NTC what you want , your equal rights as a foreign spouse married to a Libyan.

Equal Rights For Foreign Spouses Of Libyans


Khedegah said...

MashAllah wa TabarackAllah.
Well said sis. Even my husband is telling me that I am wrong re the laws of inheritence etc.....I was suprised....I never knew either.....So we need to educate Libyans themselves on this en sha Allah.
I plan on settling down in Libya, after that hiccup, en sha Allah. Now not only do I have in laws to contend with, but to fight for equal rights with Libyan women too. EN SHA ALLAH ..... Take care sis Love and Salams Khedegah xxxx

dhiraj said...

Joplin was apt. Unfulfilled potential remains a lingering pain in such untimely demises. However, appeal of such lives is, in fact, rooted in the abruptness of their end. Myth building is a complex process and it certainly appears that sense of loss and aura of death take a place of pride in this dynamics.

on the edge said...

Dhiraj...This is true that we have the tendency to turn the dead into Saints, but that was not my point in this post.Thank you for sharing your point of view on Janis. I do love her, her music. She came from Beaumont, Texas which is just outside of Houston where I am originally from.

I have always felt simpatico toward her verse ""Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose,
Nothing don't mean nothing honey if it ain't free" .It rings true to me and my experiences in life.