Thursday, September 8, 2011

Todays News

Thank you to all that wrote to me !!!Today is a much better day then yesterday . I got a little more sleep . Seems I am not the only one with this problem. Others I know and have talked with are having a similar problem.We have also had attention deficit problems off and on. Hard to concentrate on simple things like watching an entire movie or reading books . Some can do one but not the other , while others of us can do all , or neither .Stress. But it is getting better .

I got my 1st instant message on my phone from a friend tonight  . The 1st since I think May?So great to send a ms, stating what you want to say and not having to make conversation when you are really not in the mood or busy .Loving it.

The neighborhood shooter is still at large, shooting at will . We never see him . He is like a ghost. We certainly can hear him though. I wish they would catch him soon. We thought they might have this morning when we heard a lot of gunfire but since he has been walking around tonight and shooting , I guess they didn't. Oh well , soon ???

My daughter started a Facebook page for me and my cause. I am so proud of her for her support !It is for the organization of a legal petition to present to the NTC eventually when the new Libyan constitution is drawn up asking for certain rights for (women like me ) foreign spouses/ and children of Libyans married to foreign spouses . I will post the page for you to sign up and /or just show your support even if you are not in either of these categories , later on when I have the page ip here .So exciting to think that after 40 years, the many sacrifices made to live here and raise a family, may actually be acknowledged by giving me and so many others like me, rights that most Libyans take for granted in Libya. I have high hopes that the NTC will add this new law to the new constitution when drafted and ratified.

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