Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life Is So Good !

Fast food is making it's appearance again around town in Tripoli.Moe and I went to a little mall on Friday.We hadn't gone there since before Ramadan.We found a coffee cafe open that had been closed. They had cheese cake, pastries , the best Italian coffee , and best of all for me , PIZZA'S !OMG !!! Fully loaded with all sorts of yummy stuff.

I make a killer pizza .Normally I make a bunch of pizza's before Ramadan starts to put away in the freezer for Ramadan . The rest of the year we buy pizza's when ever we want one to eat.But this year I was unable to make the Ramadan pizza's due to a lack of cooking gas.I have had a craving for just this type of pizza.
We ordered pizza . Had a coffee to go with it and people watched .I noticed that the little hamburger stand next to the cafe looked like it would have hamburgers later in the evening too .

Today we drove past another pizza place that had been open for most of the war but recently was closed. It has reopened . They too have killer pizza. I have my fingers crossed that our favorite shawarma place will get their Egyptian workers back soon.They had 2 brothers that made the best shawarmas in the world working for them before the war.

More good news .... the internet that went off the other day , is obviously back on. Yeah !!! Heard they were doing some tweaking .The Wimaxi is still giving some people problems since they have to down load a program and IF you don't have a internet connection ( i.e. no internet at all) , then HOW do you do that?Luckily for me ( I am tech challenged) my internet connection just worked when I turned on the modium, as I have a different system.

Also , the same day as the internet went out , no connection just coincidence,our land line went out too . Today as we were leaving the house to go to the phone company to report the phone being out , we saw the phone guys at the line box on the street. So, we gave them our phone number and address. When we got home , viola , the phone worked and the internet was back on too !See? Good ,huh?

Then , as if that isn't enough to make life wonderful ,Moe's mobile phone needed money on it but ... here again ... things have changed . The number we used bfore when charging the account has been changed . We were sent a message on the phones telling us how and what to do to recharge the phone BUT ... it was in Arabic. I don't read Arabic.Moe didn't translate the message correctly and I was unable to re-charge his phone.Frustration abounds!Here again ,an angel came to our rescue and charged the phone for us .

More good news , it was coolish today , windy , and partly cloudy .That means we didn't sweat to death while we were out and about.I was able to walk almost pain free in the store today . That must mean the new meds I am taking for my arthritis is starting to work.What a blessing .Walking is highly underrated you know.

Last but least , late tonight , there was a knock on the door . Moe was sleeping . I was alone, not too sure whether or not I should even go to the door . I did in the end , asking through the door who it was before I opened the door . It was a neighbors son.He stood there with his arms full of all sorts of goodies .A flat of eggs ( about 2 1/2 dozen) ,2 kilos of tomatoes , a kilo of potatoes, several kilos of onions, and about a kilo of red hot chili peppers.He said they had just come back to town from their farm where they stayed during the fighting .His mother wanted to share some of their produce from their farm. The amazing thing was , today I had meant to buy these very same food items but became side tracked and had forgotten to buy them until we got home.I didn't want to go back out to the store once home and had decided I would go tomorrow instead . Now , tell me life isn't good.

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