Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do You Know These Kids

Below are graphic images of injured or dead children of Gaza .Don't look if you have a weak heart .

Is this the same baby you thought was so cute yesterday ?

His school was bombed with his friends in it .

Is this your sister's daughter ?

Maybe this is your niece ?

Your brothers son ?

Your neighbors child ?

Even Christian Palestinians children are killed by the Israeli's .


Anonymous said...

This is a cruel conflict, to see the innocence of childhood being treated by Israelis, Jews and Christians, in this manner shows their hypocratic attitude toward their religions.

That they can be so cruel in this day and age shows they are not civilised.


on the edge said...

Yes , both sides are so busy saying it's not my fault , while they kill the children . It's always this way in war .I hate it so much !!!