Friday, January 16, 2009

Only 2 More Days !

Things have been slow around here this last week . Not too much happening . I think the high point of the whole week was when I called Sheila to confirm my appointment for this past Thursday and found out it wasn't until SUNDAY .

I had been counting the DAYS until I was to go see Sheila on Thursday , lol . I'd say " only 3 more days until I go to Sheila's . Or , it's only 1 more day until I go to Sheila's to get rid of this big black strip running down the middle of my head ! " . LOL !

I almost couldn't hear her voice as she told me I had the wrong day , so in shock was I ! I got off the phone and went to the mirror . I stared at my hair with a inch long very obviously NOT blond roots showing . Hair that is no longer manageable when I try to style it . Where EVERY DAY is a bad hair day and thought to myself ... Oh woe is me ! What in the World are all of Sheila's customers to do when she goes home to visit ?

We all wonder this every year when the time fast approaches for her to take her annual trip back home to see her family there in the States .I don't know about the rest of her customers , but I sometimes HATE her family in the States ! I know it is very selfish of me but I can't help it .

You are probably wondering why we don't get some one else to do our hair while she is gone visiting her family , right ? Well , some of us do find a surrogate Sheila .

I have a hard time doing this personally . It is too much like cheating on your lover , being unfaithful so to speak . A good hair dresser is more important to a woman than even her lover . Your hair dresser is more than the person that knows your head inside and out , but if they are really great , like Sheila , they know your deepest secrets too .They share your victories and your heartaches . They cry along with you when your dreams are shattered . They encourage you when you feel weak and they love you anyway ,or at least they let you think they do .LOL !

In my life I have had 3 hairdressers / stylist and I mourned them all when they were gone from my life for whatever reason . When we moved here , my hair grew down my back because no one here knows how to cut straight hair properly . I kept hearing about this American woman that does hair and was good, for years before I went to see her . It was love at 1st sight . I had found a home at long last again with Sheila .

Most of us know that there will be a time in the future , when she will decide to retire .We discuss this every now and then , what we will do when she does retire . Just like we talk about what we are going to do with our hair while she is gone on her annual trips home .So far , no one has come up with a solution yet . We have tried to talk Sheila into taking on apprentice , but she says she doesn't have the time to teach some one what it took her a life time to learn .

I really can't see her sitting around daydreaming like me when she does decide to retire . No , Sheila is a busy person . Always on the move and doing something , even when she isn't working . She loves people too much to take to retirement easily . Hopefully she will never retire .

Just in case you think this is all about the HAIR , let me say now , it isn't . It is more than that when you go to Sheila's . It is the whole experience . The talk . The treatment . The trust . The love she shares with you and the care you have in common . I do see Sheila not only on a professional basis , but also as a friend . Many of us do . She is our friend as well and that is most likely the real reason we miss her so when she goes on Walk About .

Only 2 more days until I go to Sheila's !


Khadijateri said...

Im gonna be there at 9am..... counting the minutes :)

Rose Bud said...

Still can't find anyone to cut my hair the way I like it without having to describe what I want! Even then, they never get it right. I miss Sheila too!

Serena said...

Hope your experience will float you through the next three months. It's my turn tomorrow!

egianqueen said...

When is Sheila heading home??