Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Reading For You

I was reading Khadijateri's blog and came across her reference to My Enchanting Sereeb blog post on her recent visit back to Libya and laughed myself silly because she is so real about everything she went through on her visit . Some of it was sad too because as some one once said , " you can never go home again " .

I also came across this post by My Being Days which is a pictorial composition of the similarities between Nazi Germany's treatment of the Jews in WW2 and the Israeli's treatment of the Palestinians now in Gaza . You should see the pictures . See if you can spot any difference between the THEN and the NOW . I bet you can't .


Serena said...

My Enchanting Sereeb's writing style is expressive and fun, holding the reader's attention. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her experiences.

Anonymous said...

OTE, thank you for posting that My Being Days link. I have made a story and linked it on Tomus.