Friday, January 23, 2009

I was Tagged

I was tagged !

I was tagged by Argentum Vulgaris on his blog " Things That Fizz and Stuff " .He asked me to go into my computer , find my 4th file , which happens to be copies of old blog posts of mine, then go to the 4th file in THAT file .I was instructed to post the image from that file . I went there, but there wasn't a picture from that post.

It was a post on my favorite columnist , Leon Hale for the Houston Chronicle .He has written for one or the other of several news papers that Houston has had off and on over the years . Right now though , they are down to just one news paper The Houston Chronicle .

Mr.Hale writes of things that older Houstonians like me remembers . He writes about things that happened in the past , or the present, with a cast of characters.He has a hugh following for his column and his blog . He is simi retired , which many of us dislike but live with because the alternative is unthinkable . He threatens to quite altogether ever now and then and throws all of his fans into turmoil , lol. He is in his 80's but one would never know .

He has a faithful following fan base for his blog .They write comments for every post expressing their opinions on the selected subject of the day, which in turn leads to other subjects until some one or another remembers the topic at hand . Many a lively discussion has taken place on his blog between his cast of followers; such as Sandra O"Conner ,eli ,Red, Ms.Judy Oaks, Ralph W.,and my favorite, Old Cowboy who writes only in capital letters and misspells worse that me and knows no grammar whatsoever!

When ever I am homesick , I just read Mr.Hales blog and it is like I am back home in a blink of a eye .Since there wasn't any pictures for this post in the file , I have posted instead a picture of downtown Houston take from along the Buffalo Bayou that runs through downtown Houston . It is the same bayou that the Allan brothers floated down to found the hamlet of Houston in 1836 . The world famous singer Kenny Rodgers grew up not too far from this same bayou .

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Anonymous said...

You didn't need a picture from the file, you painted one with words. Well done and thanks for playing.