Thursday, July 16, 2009

Joke For The Day

It's all in the Hijab !
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Bumedian said...


its funny,,

but this is what happen when hijab is taken as a dress code only without knowing the real need of it.

thank u

DARKanis said...

yes, its funny,, and shame for her

DARKanis said...

its funny,,

KhedegahMc said...

Hmmmmm My English friend told me of a name for the girl in the last photo......Replace one of the ''i''s with an ''o'' in Hijabi.NASTY!!!!! hehehehee

Anonymous said...

Dear on the edge
I see the funny side, but have thought of the concequences of such a shot. every one could recognise the poor husband in such harsh society. shamfull. please withdraw the picture before it goes around via mobiles.
Also would like to remind you of the (covering for your sister muslim) The TASATTUR.