Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Ants

Ants , ants ,ants , I hate ants ! We have little tiny black ants in the Condo . I have tried all manner of things to get rid of them WITHOUT spraying poison on them and nothing has worked . They are SO RUDE ! They refuse to leave .

I tried one method my friend told me she uses . She puts sugar on the outside of her windows for them so they don't come into her house . Works for her, but our ants just eat the sugar and come marching into the Condo and demand more ! Then some one told me to pray the Sura Nemlah( that's the Chapter in the Quran named The Ants ) over them and /or write it down and put it in their path , to send them away . Well , that didn't work either ! Then , I got a email talking about all kinds of home remedies you can do get rid of ants .I tried them too . No luck there . I talked to them and I was hoping none of the neighbors would hear me telling them to take a hike to somewhere else, while I was doing it , lol .

There was even a thing that said to put corn meal down and the ants will eat it , go to their nest and die as it expanded in their stomachs , killing them . I really didn't want to do that , BUT I got desperate after we had company over once this last fall . I went in the room to see if Moe and his friend needed anything in the way of refreshments and saw to my horror , the bowl of chips , black and moving . It was the ants ! How rude of them to try to eat all the chips , and in front of company !

So , desperate measures and all that ..... I got some corm meal . I placed a little in a small dish , then put it in their direct path where they would have to walk through the corn meal . They took the bait . They ate it . They didn't die ! They came back for more ! I told you they were so rude !

After battling them all winter , well they do hibernate a little in the winter , but they never completely disappear since it doesn't get that cold here in winters , I just got feed up with them and threatened them with death if they didn't move out ! Did they listen ? OH NO ! So , last month , before I had some friends over , I sprayed the Condo all over. It worked ! They moved out . Yeah !!! Peace at last !

BUT just the other day I walked into the kitchen and saw a little black speck on the counter top . A ant ! Oh no ! I thought to myself , I will ignore it . The ant won't find anything to eat and it will leave , go back to the nest and tell everybody that there wasn't anything in the Condo for them and they wouldn't bother come back . WRONG , WRONG , WRONG !!!!

The day after that there were 5 ants , The next day 25 ants and so on . I absolutely hate to kill them .They work so hard you know . I feel sorry for them , but I don't want to live with them since they are so rude ! They really don't know when enough is enough . I was left with no other choice but to spray again .

I did , yesterday .It made me sick to commit mass murder like that , but what else could I do ? This morning I woke up to see little black bodies littering the counter tops . Their tiny little legs sticking straight up into the air . So sad .I will miss the pitter patter of their tiny little feet ...... NOT !


KhedegahMc said...

''saw to my horror , the bowl of chips , black and moving .''

Ahhhhhh ......that was horrible hahahaaha

Bumedian said...

i can feel what u feeling,
most of the methods u have used are known ,,
i have tested the garlic u place some peaces of it in the places they come from, it might help
i also heard something about the Chalk as u draw a line so they will not pass it ,, i am not sure about that but just heard about it.

i remember my dad when he prayed quran on them as the part of prophet Suleiman was passing and one of the ants said get out of their way,,, what was when a nest of ants just got out into the room we are sitting in from the window and that area was blacked out,
then they just disappeared,

hope u get rid of it peacefully :)


A.Adam said...

Ants.. I love Ants. just playing with Ants, would make me feel happy.
just like my love for Birds

Weldemdina said...

fill the cracks and little holes where they come from, that should stop them..for a while :o)

on the edge said...

Hey , thanks everyone for your ideas . I think I have tired them all , really ! The chalk ? The ants just laughed their heads off as they dusted their feet off ! And the cracks and holes ??? Well , those little devils must have steel jaws , because they just chew their way through the cement !And prayers ? HA ! They must be heathens ! It didn't work either !LOL ! peace out , OTE

Anonymous said...

They hate cloves. Sprinkle some crushed cloves, or make a spray with water and cloves and spray it around. It really stopped them. I don't mean they didn't come back, but while the scent of cloves was around they weren't!

on the edge said...

Now this is a idea I haven't tried yet . I like the smell of cloves and anythings got to smell better than Raid ! I will give it a try . Thanks Anonymous !