Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hijab Controversy

Which of the pictures below is the most disturbing to you ? Me ? I Find the 1st one disturbing . Why ? Because this Muslim woman/ girl left her home dressed in a manner that she supposed was in the Hijab style and that is was Halal . The painting below it is ART and as such should be judged on it's merits as ART . It is a expression of Artist Beauty , not a religious dress code .

I received this comment on my post Joke for the Day ......
Anonymous said...

Dear on the edge
I see the funny side, but have thought of the consequences of such a shot. every one could recognize the poor husband in such harsh society. shameful. please withdraw the picture before it goes around via mobiles.
Also would like to remind you of the (covering for your sister Muslim) The TASATTUR.

Ok ... up front ....I don't wear the hijab . No scarf , no outer covering of any sort . I dress respectable in public , meaning all my major bits and pieces are covered . I check this out Before I leave the Condo . And IF I should ever think my dress is ok and it isn't, Moe would certainly tell me that it wasn't up to par

This woman , as far as I can think , didn't seem to care too much if her butt was hanging out in public OR ELSE she wouldn't have left her home dressed that way . I also don't think that the man/ men with her aren't too concerned , since they didn't stop her wearing those clothes in the 1st place .

This is not a common site here in Libya , thank goodness . I am not too sure where this picture came from since it was sent to me visa email , but ....I DO SEE a lot of young women and older women as well , here in Libya wearing what they deem to be proper Hijab . This is the mandatory head scarf with some or all of the following .... a ton of heavy make up ( that goes for even some doctors ) , some or most of their hair showing ( so what is the whole point of the scarf to begin with ? Why bother in this case ?) a dress/ blouse that is so tight that every curve , crease , and line of their bodice is showing ( and on a few occasions , even a very low cut top showing the tops of breasts. What's that about ? ) , followed by a long to the ground ( for modesty ) skirt / slacks/ dress that again is so tight that they can hardly breath , walk or bend down in them . BUT THEY ARE WEARING THE HEAD SCARF SO THEY ARE WEARING THE HIJAB and most people here seem to think that is acceptable hijab wear. I personally don't think that is what constitutes the Hijab . And from what I have read in the Quran , it certainly isn't what was advised as acceptable Hijab wear ,either . So , my point is this, if you aren't going to do it correctly, then don't make a mockery of the Hijab as in this picture . Do it right , or not at all .

I see females all the time wearing too tight clothes , thinking it is ok just because it is long sleeved , buttoned to the top , and dragging the ground.Pluleesssssss ! Would some one draw them a picture ? Many of them are wearing so much make up that it would take 10 bars of soap to get all that make up washed off . And that is in the daytime ! BUT they have their scarves on their heads and are in hijab ! Mashallah !

On the flip side we have here in the Arab world emerging another version of the Hijab that has gone the opposite direction in that it covers EVERYTHING! The eyes , the hands , the feet ( OMG ! We might see that naughty ankle that has plagued and tempted men through out the ages huh ? ) , to the extent of a few women driving with their eyes covered by a veil AND sunglasses . This is too much also .Why can't they get it right ?


khadijateri said...

I see girls wearing more make up just to go to the supermarket than I wear to go to a wedding or other party here. AND Clothes so tight that nothing is left to the imagination... sigh... what are they thinking???

Argentum Vulgaris said...

Much ado about nothing! I am not personally in favour of the traditional dress of the Muslim, in the same way if our Bible tried to dictate the same, I would ignore it. I recently saw a series of photos of Muslim school girls in Malaysia competing in athletics having to be encumbered by the traditional dress and as a result all the Muslims lost the events. Is this fair? Isn't it high time the religious leaders got their heads out of their sanctimonious backsides and joined the 21st century?

As for the statement about women driving with a veil, well, how ridiculous can you get... you can't see properly, you can't drive.


Rose Bud said...

That is kind of funny!

Maya M said...

I LOVE that photo!
However, maybe the lady wasn't a believer wishing to dress halal but just used the headscarf to protect her head from the sun.