Monday, July 20, 2009

Libyans Go To USA Space Camp

Space Camp cake for all !

Ambassador Cretz with the 2 Libyan teachers going to Space Camp .

Ambassador Cretz with a few of the Libyan students selected to go to Space Camp in the USA .

Libyan documentary film maker Tarek Al Baghdadi already on the job .

Libya is sending a select few students to the prestigious NASA Space Camp this year in Huntsville , Alabama, Ambassador Cretz announced recently at the Tripoli American embassy . . This is the 1st ever Space Camp Exchange Program with Libyan youths . This encompasses 24 high school student, 2 teachers , and 3 film makers . How excited they must be !I have furnished Ambassador Cretz's speech below for further explanation of the camp and the program .

Ambassador Cretz's REmarks to Space Camp Participants

Good afternoon.

I am very pleased to be here today to congratulate you all on your selection for the first ever Space Camp Exchange Program with Libyan youth. As the first American Ambassador to Libya in 36 years, I have repeatedly said how the Embassy of the United States of America in Libya has embarked on a series of “firsts.” This time, you all are embarking on a first – the first Libyan young scientists at Space Camp.

As you have probably done your homework, you already know that Space Camp was founded in 1982 to promote the study of math, science, and technology. The school couples classroom instruction and hands-on activities that teach teamwork, decision-making, and leadership. At the Academy, students learn about the mental, emotional, and physical demands astronauts must face. Among their experiences, they will explore an Apollo 16 capsule and a Saturn V rocket, and experience the sensation of weightlessness. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton is a Space Camp alumna, from the Class of 1993. Chelsea and other young leaders participated in the prestigious Space Camp program and benefited from the scientific and educational exposure.

This group is full of future leaders of Libya, and we are proud to be sending you all on this program. You all - 24 Libyan high school students, 2 teachers, and 3 filmmakers - will make the unprecedented journey from Tripoli to Huntsville, Alabama to participate with U.S. students in a special session of Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center facility.

This Space Camp program is being conducted under the U.S.-Libya Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement. In recognition of your hard work and the history you are all making, Libyan Ambassador Aujali and Alabama state officials will be attending your graduation at the end of your program.

We are working to bring the Libyan and American people together, to continue the process of communication and open new doors for the first time. You are representing your country in the United States and we look forward to hearing your views of your experience when you return to Libya.
Thank you for representing your country, congratulations on making history, and best of luck to you all! "


Rose Bud said...

This is so exciting! I might have to take a trip to NASA to celebrate! Libyans in space one day?

Anonymous said...

I don't know who planned for this event but it seems NASA wants a piece of cake after europe has taken most of the cake.
Enjoy the journey guys NASA will not give you its secrets.

on the edge said...

This is Space Camp ... NOT going into outer space y'all ! These are kids LEARNING about space travel , experiments ,the stars and planets , not GOING INTO OUTER SPACE .

I am pretty sure the aim of the camp is not secret or even classified . Go on line and check it out .