Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some Of This And Some Of That

Yesterday was the 4th of July . In America it is known as Independence Day and celebrated by by BBQ's , cook outs , picnics , fireworks at night , and in general just being happy to be a American .

Celebrating the 4th here in Libya is very different for me . For one thing , no one here cares what day it is , including the embassy . They have decided this year to invite the registered citizens to a thing at the ambassadors residency this year , along with local big wigs , BUT not on the 4th of July !

This is like the 3rd year they have celebrated the 4th on a different day other than the 4th . I just find this weird . Why bother if you can do it right ?And in the middle of a work week at that . If you are going to post pone the event , at least do it on a week end , right ? Well , that's my 2 cents worth on the situation .

This month we have a lot of birthdays in our family . My niece , her younger brother , my son today ; Happy Birthday Kamal, and my oldest grand daughter will celebrate her 1st birthday this week too .

It is definitly beach weather here in Tripoli today ! It is over 100 Fahrenheit . The beaches were PACKED yesterday. On Friday especially it was bumper to bumper cars on the freeway coming back into town from the beaches .Amazingly, as I drove by the beaches today , I noticed the beaches were fairly trash free.It is so nice to see more and more peolpe taking their trash back home with them instead of littering the beaches with garbage .

This year many of the Libyan Boy Scout troupes are having their annual summer camps here in Tagura on the different beaches scattered around. I see their tents and their camps all neatly set up but haven't seen the boys yet .I imagine it is pretty hard to keep them out of the water all the time , lol !Hope they have a great time !


Gretchen Kelly said...

I did the painting that you have posted on your blog without my permission. Did you know that you do not have the right to post artwork without first getting the permission from the Artist? You should ask me for permission to post my ARTWORK and you should give me credit back to my blog where it shows the original post. Please contact me for permission!

on the edge said...

The painting above titled "Flag Boy" was painted by the talented artist Gretchen Kelly . You may see her other paintings in her gallery on her web sight .....

And Ms. Kelly , I am sincerely sorry for the oversight in not naming you as the artist to begin with . Please forgive me . Peace , OTE