Friday, July 10, 2009

Beach Weather

Oh it is hot , hot , hot here and I am already sick and tired of it ! The other day it got to 107% . The next day it was 106% . Today we are having a cold front with the temperature a cool 103% .

I hate it when it gets like this here . The humidity shoots up to 1o0% . I have the AC going full blast , set on Arctic and it is still hot in the Condo! You take a bath to cool off and before you can even get dressed you are sweating again .I can't imagine sitting on the beach in this heat .

And speaking of the beach , I think I mentioned that the Boy Scouts were camped on some of the beaches here in Tagura . I passed by them the other day when it was 107% and felt so sorry for them . They are bivouacked in old army tents and sleeping on the ground on top of mendars( cushions that Libyans sit on the floor with ) . They looked so hot and listless . At least they can go jump in the sea when they can't take it anymore .

My daughters sent me photo's of our granddaughters f
rom this past week . They are growing so fast !!! And so cute too . Of course they are super smart too , they are MY granddaughters after all ! LOL ! Gail just celebrated her 1st birthday . Here is a picture of her eating her cake . Sophia is sitting up all by her self now, in this picture at 7 months .What personalities they have too ! Now I sound just like your typical grandmother but can't help myself .

Ramadan is only a short 6 weeks away and I am already trying to get somethings organized and out of the way before it starts this year . It will begin in the middle of August this year and I am really not looking forward to it this year to tell you the truth . I think it will be a much simpler Ramadan than we have had in the past . The focus on the contemplation of the holy month and not so centered around meals as in the past .I say that now , but we will see . Things have away of getting out of hand during Ramadan .


KhedegahMc said...

Salam Sis,

MashAllah your grand-daughters are so cute......You must really miss them.
I am an Aunty for the first time....y sister her her baby (7 weeks early) she is just one week old,and still in neonatel, so I have not seen her yet...just photos.They are so strict, and only grand parents are allowed visit escorted by the parent. Its hard, especially as I may leave before she gets out...( I should be blogging this LOL, not hi- jacking your comments page hehehehe)

Well talk soon en sha Allah sis,

Khedegah xxxx

abdullah SH said...

summer here in libya = beach & dela3 !! & tell now i can`t understand what s a relation btw dela3 & beach !!

by da way ur daughters kids looking cute & somthing libyan expresions ..

salam ,,,

on the edge said...

Hey Khedegah !
So nice to hear from you ! Wish you a 1,000 congrats on being a new aunt !You will love it . I hope baby and mother are both doing well .Inshallah you get to see the baby before you leave to come here .Peace out , OTE

Hey Abdullah !
Even in the States we take watermelon with us to the beach . You just have to have watermelon at the beach , right > It's the only thing that stop you from being thirsty !Peace Out , OTE

Rose Bud said...

We had record heat here too and no sea to cool in:(