Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter And Papers

Easter came and went this year . I didn't have a chance to wish you a Happy Easter , so let me now, wish you a belated Happy  Easter .Hope for those of you that celebrate , it was wonderful . When I was a little girl baby chickens or baby rabbits were sold in the grocery stores as Easter presents for children . I think I got a baby rabbit once . My cousin Cathy would get a chicken every Easter . I never got it ... the whole chicken as a pet thing . I mean how can you take your chicken for a walk , or cuddle up to your chicken when you go to bed like you could, say, a cat or puppy ? So weird to me  , the whole thing . Even a rabbit as a pet ??? Not the same as a cat or dog .

When I became a mother , we would have the kids dye Easter eggs every single year .As far as I was concerned , it was a fate worse than death !!! I still shudder when I hear the word EASTER EGGS ! EVERY SINGLE YEAR  I would hear this ... He took my egg ! Momma , she is using my dipper ! Momma he put his egg in my blue dye !! Momma , he messed up my green ! Momma she's looking at me . Momma , they are crowding me ! He spilled my purple . I hate how this looks momma . My name egg didn't color pretty and now it is so ugly ( tears are flowing by now ) I hate it momma!!!Opps !! I spilled the red color all over the table momma . Where is the paper towels ?? Momma , momma , momma !!! I told them once that my name wasn't momma . They asked me what it was then ? I told them it was a secret! LOL ! That didn't work for long ,lol ! They knew I was Momma no matter what I called myself !

Then after all that arguing over the dyeing of the eggs , we had to set the eggs out later that night for the Easter Bunny to hide , when he brought the Easter baskets filled with candy later that night , after the kids were supposedly fast asleep . Actually , it was usually Moe and I that hide the eggs . One year we forgot where we hide several eggs that the kids never found . Thank goodness they were in the shell and didn't stink . I think I found them a month or two later inside a vase or in a cabinet .

Moe and I have been running all over town trying to get some papers that we both need in order to file for some more papers , lol . And you know how that is . 1st you have to just find the office, then you have to make about 2,000 trips there just to get one paper . Well , at least we are finished as of yesterday ! I feel like a miracle or something has happened . This has been a all consuming business for the last two weeks . Now we play the waiting game .The funny thing is, after we would get home from going to here and there , we would be so mentally  exhausted that all either one of us wanted to do was just vegetate . I am all for that !

Yesterday , after we went to the last place we needed to go to , we bought a sandwich , went to the beach to eat it and watch the waves crash into the shore line . It was a magical day for us . All our papers were finished , stamped , submitted ,and approved .It was cloudy and windy cool day without all the dust we have been having the last week . We even were rained on . There was a unique mood in the air .I could tell it was affecting others besides me too . People were happy and it seemed everyone I spoke to yesterday had good news to share .One friend is going home in the US to see her son graduate from university . The other is achieving her life long dream of going to Mecca for the Omrah Hag . She is singing praises to Allah all day and night for this opportunity .

Hey , don't forget ... tomorrow is National Don't Do Housework Day !!!! A VERY IMPORTANT DAY !!!!  My personal all time favorite holiday . I think it should have much more recognition as a holiday than it dose now . Prehappes we should start a grass roots movement to make this a "day off" type holiday around the world ? What do you think? Is this celebrated in your country ? I just told Moe about it and he is still laughing!

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