Thursday, April 29, 2010


Aw , the weather has been fantastic this last week . The temperatures have been in the cool 70 or 60F. degrees range .  Europe is suffering a heat wave right now and I am laughing my head off , since we are usually the ones suffering in the heat .

Today , as well as most of the week ,it was overcast . But today instead of the clouds blowing over us , we got the rain . The Libyan desert has had a lot of rain this week .It looks like it has rained all the way over into the Egyptian desert as well .Pretty heady stuff for this time of the year here !

We went to the beach to watch the clouds come rolling in. They were blowing over us with out a drop of water falling on us .I began to despaired as to whether or not Tagura would get any rain . My friend that lives in a different area of Tripoli called to say it was pouring down cats and dogs where she lived . Jealousy sang in my heart when she called me to let me know about her rain .We went home sad .Just as we turned on the TV , the rain began to fall .It had politely waited until we were home to rain . So lovely, the sound of rain .

I poured us glasses of water to drink as we listened to the rain drum on the sat. dish on our balcony outside the living room .It made me remember that we are made of something like 75% water , maybe more ; I don't remember the exact amount right now .BUT ANYWAY ... it got Moe and I to discussing that fact and how everything on Earth is dependent on water . We grow in our mothers wombs in water ,we have to drink water to stay alive , and we need water to grow our food .Water taste so good too ,silvery cool in the mouth .It feels so sensual on our skin when we swim or bath in it .It's touch soothes one when one is upset . The sound of water is hypnotic . Whatever would we do with out water ?

Painting by : Gerald Schwartz "Surf and Sand"

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