Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sleep and Brains

I was watcing T.V. this morning .A medical panel was on the show . They were discussing this and that . The topic of evolved human brains came up . A scientific study showed that women's brains were much more evolved than mens . That women were actually much smarter than men, on a general whole . Since women were so much smarter and their brains more evolved than mens brains, they were able to muti task much more than the average man . The study went on to say that a person who has a more devoloped brain would require more sleep then the normal persons typical 8 hours . So , I am thinking I must have a SUPER devoloped brain . I need at LEAST  8 hours sleep , sometimes more to be a cordial  person , lol !How many hours of sleep do you need?


[Lebeeya] said...

I knew the need to sleep had something to do with my intellectual ability. Thanks for confirming it. I sleep at 10pm and wakeup at 6am! If I don't get my hours of sleep, I do not function properly the next day.

Doctor X said...

Ok , I am not prejudice here against women and I strongly believe that women could do outstanding things.

But all women fancy this study where it is only named as a study. I do not know why dont we see more women scientists in all aspects of knowledges.

The great astrunants are men.
The great Physicians are men.
The great everything are men.

So how on earth I would believe that study?. I need facts to see. Men are great even at Cooking coz the best Shief Cooks are men. Great Doctors are men. I think Women are good at TV shows coz cant forget about the queen of the talk Oprah. Also Tyra and others. Coz I have to admit women are soo good at talking.

Just look around you, Find men, men and men.

I think for the infinitive next decades man brian will be fatser in response , smarter and could function better. Ok, women , If your brain evolve we will have our evolved more and more,

So , When you move We move.

Again , Did it sound any prejudice? If the answer is yes. My apology in advance(I asked my mother and she said no it is not lol)


on the edge said...

Dr. X ... LOL !!!!