Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wonderful Day Ends Bad

Yesterday was No Housework Day and today was No Cooking Day , lol . I went to Shelia's today and was pampered to death by her . I felt like a million bucks by the time I left her house . I felt like that all the rest of the day , UNTIL ...... on the way to the restaurant we go to here in Tagura all the time , a traffic police man stood in the way at a traffic light and stopped me .

Moe was sitting next to me in the passenger seat , since I do the driving . The cop looked us over . Then the car . Obviously there was nothing wrong with either the car or my driving , since we were stopped at a light .But because I wasn't wearing a head scarf ( which by the way ISN"T mandatory here in Libya) , my hair being light in color , he could tell I was a foreigner . He asked for the cars papers , which we gave him . That was in order . Then he looked at me ,then Moe . He asked Moe if I was a"Special Friend" . Moe told him , no I was his WIFE . The policeman became embarrassed and let us go . I think he thought I was Moe's "date for the night " , if you know what I mean .All because I was a foreigner .If I had been a Libyan woman he NEVER would have had the nerve to insinuate such a thing to Moe's face or to me .I am still not too sure if I am insulted and angry , or just really mad !

I see more and more evidence everyday, in a country where women were treated with utmost respect , now being insulted with overt rudeness . Sad thing that . Now I know what a foreigner in America , England , Germany , or any other country feels like when they wear their Hijab. Prejudice against the wearing of the Hijab is growing in many countries around the world . They are stared at or insulted because of their choices . The world is too small a place for prejudice and discrimination .


Anonymous said...

you were Moe's date for the night!.... lol

Khedegah said...

Salam OTE,

Wow that is terrible....I am shocked.What a HAMARA (Donkey).

You know it is not just foreign women in Europe etc that are treated badly for wearing Hijab.....when I wore it in Ireland(still cconsider it ''HOME'' LOL) People used to assume I was foreign, and when they found I was Irish they were speechless, and gaping mouthed.

I still can't believe what happened to poor thing ....

Ma Saloma
Love K xxxx

Doctor X said...

Just be happy for one reaso then,, Coz that cop may learn not to prejudice any woman without scarf,, So you have contributed to the reduction of people like him,, Hope you are not feeling bad about it now.


HEBA said...


Anonymous said...

A cop stopped us to check if I was a hooker when I was in the car with my husband a few months ago. I was wearing a cover but I also had sunglasses on...which I think was the reason for the suspicion. lol

on the edge said...

God help us all !! I wish they would concentrate their energy's on catching the speeders and the drug dealers.