Sunday, November 9, 2008

About The Sheep In Libya ....

A reliable source has informed me that the Libyan sheep do not , I repeat, DO NOT have anthrax or hoof and mouth disease . Thank God/ Allah !

What they do have is a viral disease named Bluetongue that is found in this part of the world , along with Europe and the UK.The disease is spread by midges, which are gnat like flies that infect the animal through it's bite .The Bluetongue virus is found mainly in sheep or cattle , but may be found in any animal that grazes, such as camels , deer ,horses, ox ,and goats .Actually any animal that is exposed to the gnat that carries of the virus , but mainly the animals that are grazers .

Symptoms of Bluetongue disease are as follows :a high fever ,swelling of the face and tongue , with the tongue turning blue ,slobbering / drooling of the animal that is infected , swelling of the lips , running nose , sores on the foot area which may cause the animal to change it's standing position from foot to foot , making it look like it is dancing .

There are vaccines available for the animals not infected. Quarantine and vaccination are effective ways to combat the spread of the virus , but the main thing is to eradicate the midges that spread the virus .The disease usually will die off after the cold weather sets in killing the gnats . The disease is non contagious but spread from the bites of infected insects . The vets here in Libya are advising people to NOT eat the meat of a infected animal even though the disease is not spread by contact with the body/ carcases, meat , or wool/ fur of a infected animal,to humans.


Libyano said...

thank you for the great information

I don't know if all this was made up to make the prices of the sheep by Eid get higher or may be get lower , we just have to wait and see how much the red tongue sheep coasts and the blue tongue ones in 3eed

Caught in the middle said...

True, I was watching the Programme on Aljamahiriyah, however they are advising not to eat sheep who have been vaccinated within 6 in Libya, how will you be able to find a reliable farmer who is not trying to sell off his sheep.

Serena said...

Talked to a friend of mine yesterday about what her family plans to do for Eid. Since some sheep have Bluetongue, they will not slaughter a sheep. Instead they will give the money to charity.