Friday, November 28, 2008

A Quiet Belief In Angels

" A Quiet Belief In Angels " is a book by R.J. Ellroy . It was brought to my attention by a post on MY BEING DAYS
in which she writes a beautiful quote from the book . Thank you for sharing this with us, MY BEING DAYS .

" Love , I would later conclude , was all things to all people .Love was the breaking and healing of hearts .Love was misunderstood , love was faith , love was the promise of now that became hope for the future . Love was a rhythm, a reverberation .Love was awkward and foolish , it was aggressive and simple and possessed of so many indefinable qualities it could never be conveyed in language . Love was BEING ."


Serena said...

Reading this reinforces my mantra, it's all about love!

HEBA said...

This is the most sensitive word I've read about love. Thank you