Saturday, November 22, 2008

More On Libyan Sheep And Reality Phone

A source that is very reliable has informed me that since the out break of the Blue Tongue Disease has struck the Libyan sheep population , the Libyan government has imported sheep from Turkey for the people to purchase for the Eid Adha this year . So that worry is taken care of , yeah!

The weather is still cold for here and it is lovely !Sorta windy today but that's ok .We are supposed to have some rain tomorrow but I will believe that when it happens .We haven't had enough rain so far this year . We normally have at least one steady down pour to flood things by now and we haven't yet .

Have I told you about our new phone development ? I haven't ? OMG ! Remember last year I mentioned about our phone lines being crossed with a neighbor and we were receiving their phone calls ? The trips Moe and I made to the post office to file complaints to have it fixed and that never happened ?WELL ......

Sometime in August it all stopped and life returned to normal . No phone ringing in the middle of the night . No more clicking , swishing , buzzing , or cackling either on the line . We were able to get all our incoming calls .It was heavenly to be able to talk like a normal person with out having to shout over all that noise . Yes , Virginia , life was good ...... UNTIL ....... last month .

Now it has started all over again . Only this time it is more like REALITY TELEPHONE . Instead of all the noise we had before , we have the neighboring woman talking at all hours of the day and night about her husbands and family business that we must speak over.

When she dials out on her phone it rings in our house .So we are back to rushing to answer the phone when it rings only to discover it isn't even for us .We have asked her to have her husband to go to the phone company to ask them fix the situation ,but she refuses to do that . We tried all last year to straighten this out ourselves , to no avail . The funny thing of it is , Moe and I were driving out past the phone junction box one day and saw the phone line man fiddling with the box . I told Moe jokingly , "Watch , now we will have that neighbor back on our line ." Sure enough , that night it all started again .

So , I have a new tactic this year .No more begging her to go to the phone company . We aren't going to camp out at the phone company like I threatened to do once last year either .Nope ! Not going there ! I have became a shameless eavesdropper .

She has a habit of making calls while I am on the phone talking to my friends .The problem is that when she talks to whom ever she has called , it is like she is sitting right next to me and shouting in my ear . She gets so loud that sometimes I can't hear what the person I am talking to has to say . Moe and I have asked her to please get off the line. She refuses to do so . So now when she calls out and it rings in our house I pick my phone up. Sometimes I listen in on her conversations . Sometimes , well actually most of the time , I just throw the phone receiver into a chair for a while because I know this will cause static on her line .

Once when she called I eavesdropped on her conversation . She was talking to her sister . The sister was crying that their uncles wife had embarrassed her in front of everyone at a wedding .She was furious . She wanted to get even with the uncles wife and could her sister , my Reality Phone Buddy ,take her to their local witch to get a hex spell to put on the wife of the uncle ?I was like OMG ! I started to shout at them ,lool .I asked them didn't they know that was haram? A sin ?Then I hung up .

The next time I was on the phone she gets on too.She tells me that she hopes my ear will explode the next time I listen in on her conversations . I told her if she would go to the phone company and get her own line then she wouldn't have any more problems with eavesdroppers .So now we have a Mexican Stand Off . I figure it is our line . We now have in addition to some reality TV , reality phone .See life in Libya is never boring , contrary to what some people may think !


ibeebarbie said...

Hmmmmmmmmm, I like the idea of eavesdropping on her, but is she also able to hear your conversations? It would be nice if you could blow a whistle or something everytime she got on the line just to cause her to do something about the situation. On the other hand, pretty sweet deal for the phone company receiving funds from two different households and only having to spare one phone line.

on the edge said...

She can hear me when I talk if she is on line BUT ..... she doesn't understand English .Thank God ! But to torment her I sometimes repeat what I heard her say to someone , if it is especially juicy ,in Arabic to who ever I am speaking to , if I know she is on line !

I thought of a whistle but then I found out that if I pick up my phone when she calls , and leave it off the hook , then eventually my phone will disconnect making the loud busy signal in her ear !LOL , and that goes on forever !I only started that after she disconnected me in mid conversation with my daughter in America . I know this is nasty behavior but drastic measures and all that , right ?

Rose Bud said...

Sounds dramatic. I'm not too sure why they don't want to get that fixed. I'm sure her husband doesn't know that you can hear EVERYTHING she is saying about the family. Maybe he would get then phone fixed then. Good luck!

KhedegahMc said...


Oh the Reality phone made me laugh so much , especially about your neighbour going to the witch.....
I know this does happen as my Husband has warned me of it....

Gave me a good laugh, which is just what I needed .
Thanks Sis,
Ma Saloma
Khedegah xxxx

abdullah SH said...

ths yr we afraid from ths issue blue tongue disease bt d beauti thing y friend hve farm `e completely save tht`s wht dotor says ... at least we nt eat rmanian meat ths yr LOL ...

phone lines n libya !! no comment espechialy `e weather like ths .. thanx god our phone stll ok

salam on d edge