Saturday, November 15, 2008

Homesick & The News

.Went to the meat market the other day to buy some beef imported from Brazil and saw sides and sides of mutton hanging up to be sold . I stood there wondering to myself how would a person know if the sheep was healthy when it was alive . Some one pointed out in the comments section of the previous post , that there really wasn't a way to know one way or the other if the sheep slaughtered was healthy or not .The sheep are supposed to be inspected before slaughter I think but who knows ? If the market is slow , maybe some one desperate enough will fudge about the health of the sheep just so they will make a sale ? I sincerely hope not .

I went to a get together yesterday for some of my friends at the home of a new American lady . She has recently moved here with her American husband . It was so nice to see everyone again . We don't have the chance to see each other that often any more . We all are busy living our busy lives and kinda lost touch with one another . There was some great food there. Since it was a pot luck dinner, we all brought a dish to share with the group .And of course we all are great chefs !LOL ! Much laughing and many smiles to see . Memories shared and sisterhood renewed .A wonderful day .

My oldest daughter is eight and a half months pregnant now .She will be having her little girl soon . My oldest niece in America hosted a baby shower last week end for my daughter .Rosebud got lots of very lovely presents for the new baby .One woman made her the loveliest little hand knitted blankets and bonnets for the baby .My daughters mother in law is giving them a crib for the baby and has already given her a rocking chair . She will be getting a lot of use out of that chair in the future , lol , around midnight feedings !

My other daughter and her family are doing well too . This daughter is always sending us loads of pictures of our grand daughter . One video she sent us is of the baby laughing . It is so funny to see her little face all scrunched up in laughter ! Our grand son is growing like a weed and now that he walks , nothing can slow him down . He is all over the place running here and there .

The weather has cooled off some in the daytime . That is nice . It gets cold at night . We hauled out the blanket to put on the bed at night .It is so amazing how you can store away something clean and when you take it out of storage it is dusty , EVEN when it was stored on a air tight bag ! I had to air the blanket out . That gave me a allergy attack , and that in turn made me miserable for a few days ! Moe made fun of me ... until HE started to sneeze too , lol , then I got to laugh at him !

This time of the year makes me "home sick" for the States .
It happens every fall when there is a hint of cool in the air as there has been recently.Something about that air that stirs longings in me .I miss funny things .

Hickory smoked BBQ beef sandwiches that drip sauce all down the front of you and fall apart as you eat them with a sliced dill pickle in your other hand. There is nothing in the entire world that can
compare to a toasted marshmallow that was toasted over a roaring camp fire . Or the color of fall leaves on the trees .A nice roaring fire in the fireplace sit close to and watch the fire dance.

We always went to the Fall Art Festivals that come once a year in the fall . The Renaissance Festival where people dress in Medieval costumes; which has strolling minstrels ,jousting knights , fair Ladies and Knights in Shinning armor , along with some of the best foot massages in the world for tired worn out festival goers .

I miss American football games, the excitement that a last two minute win can bring. A sense of camaraderie that just can't be beaten unmistakable in the crowd . I miss the squeaky sound tennis shoes /trainers make on a basketball court as the players run to make the play .
The sound of a marching band in a parade marching down the street with the brass sections blaring away , the drums pounding the rhythm of the beat .

I miss the holidays that come in the fall too . Halloween with it's

fancy dress party's . The kids Trick or Treating for candy door to door . The week end that they turn the clocks back used to be THE PARTY NIGHT ! LOL ! Thanksgiving dinners with family and friends gathered around the table groaning with delicious food .
That special holiday cheer that comes with Christmas ,
much like Ramadan in the Muslim countries .

I miss all that when the wind blows cool across the Mediterranean from the north to hot dry Tripoli . This is the signal I have been waiting for , the one that says rains will be coming soon . That the dust will soon be washed away and Tripoli will shine in the clear air once again .Yep , I am homesick alright !

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ibeebarbie said...

Salam On The Edge,
Awwwwwwwww you make the cooler weather seem even desirable to me......the one who shutters when it falls below 80 degrees.

The trees are finally starting to change around here and as always it's breathtakingly beautiful.

How exciting another grandbaby soon to arrive that always generates great excitement. Hope all goes well with the delivery, inshallah.