Friday, November 7, 2008

Some Of This And That

Thought I would ask if any of you here in Libya have heard about the anthrax rumors going around ? Some one told me that the professors in the university was informed that there was a out break in the Ben Ghazi region of Libya . They were told NOT to buy or eat any mutton or lamb from Libya . That even though the sheep had been vaccinated , it was unsafe to eat them for the next six months .Then a different source was told not to worry about it , it wasn't a problem . Last night some one else told Moe that thirty sheep had to be slaughtered because they were found to have the hoof and mouth disease , which is a different name for anthrax . This was here in the Tripoli area . So , what with Eid Khabir ceremony coming up next month in which everyone here in Libya sacrifices a sheep , we need some concert information and get it out to the people to prevent a disaster . Of course no announcement has been forth coming from the news networks here , at least as far as I know . So, ... any info anyone ?

I am still so excited over Obama's win Tuesday .Still feeling optimistic for the future . Of course things will change once he is in office and facing the mess that's waiting for him .But for right now , this minute , I am so happy .Oh I forgot to mention to those of you that are interested , lol , that Moe woke up before me on Tuesday , turned on the TV to see how the election was going . Just as it was announced on TV that Obama was the next president , the calls for morning prayers were called out from the near by mosque . Now that is sooo cool !

I woke up late yesterday . The clock's battery was dead . This put me in a bad mood because I had a full day scheduled for myself and because I woke up late , that meant I was already behind schedule . I hate to feel rushed in the morning when I am trying to wake up . I am not a morning person anyway , so this just aggravates me even more .I walked into the living room with my coffee to discover MORE bad news . It had rained while I slept and I had missed it ! OH NO ! I have been waiting for rain for months now it seems and I MISSED IT ! That really depressed me . The weather people also had said it was gonna cool off and that hadn't happened , so more disappointment .

I got Moe to town for his gym date , went on to my luncheon feeling already frazzled by the time I got there . I had to battle my way across town in the Thursday traffic . Every idiot in Libya, and his MOTHER is driving on Thursday according to their own traffic laws .That translates to every person for their own selves .

My friends and I were sitting around talking , as women love to do , when we felt a slight breeze come in the window . Yeah ! At least something is stirring outside . A break from the oppressive weather . I wished it would rain again . Then as if God had read my mind , it starts to pour down raining . We rushed to the windows to watch the rain .Glorious rain .What a present !It didn't last long but long enough to please the senses and to settle the dust .

I went to bed early last night but woke up around 4 AM no longer sleepy . I watched some TV and then Moe got up too . So I fixed us both a early breakfast . After that I straightened up the house up before I made my way back to bed for a long nap .I had opened the house up for some fresh air since it had cooled off yesterday after the rain .As I was going around closing things back up , it began to rain again . I sat down to watched and listened to the rain .

This rain wasn't silent . It splattered , splashed , and pattered .The wind carried a earthly aroma , rich and wholesome . Made you think of fields abundant with crops waiting to be harvested .Dust was washed away and things began to sparkle with newness . I was so tempted to go out on the balcony to dance in the rain , but sanity won out sad to say . Now we have the feeling of autumn since it is cooler then even yesterday . I love it.

OMG ! I just now read up on anthrax and it has scared the you know what outta me ! Things are handled so lax here in Libya , that if there is anthrax here , we are in for some BIG trouble ! Did you know that anthrax is considered to be the sixth plague that will contribute toward destroying mankind as is mentioned in the Bible ? Read what Wikipedia has to say about anthrax and you will have nightmares .Ok , I have to go have a nervous break down now . Bye .


Maya M said...

You are wrong about hoof-and-mouth disease being the same as anthrax - it is different:
I think a true anthrax outbreak among humans is unlikely (unless if a bioweapon is used). When Pasteur made his experiments with anthrax, it was on a square and dozens of onlookers attended but no one of them was infected. That's the good side.
The bad side is that anthrax spores rest alive almost indefinitely and you never know when they'll strike. My uncle was a doctor and had a patient who died of inhalation anthrax. He got it by beating the dust out of a piece of goat skin he'd owned for quite a long time.

on the edge said...

Thanks for the in put Maya . I read basically the same thing on the Wikpedi source as well .I remember some years back when England went through a anthrax outbreak and all the wonderful precautions they took to prevent the spread of the disease . Sheep are allowed to roam freely here , there by spreading the disease all over the place without any checks . That is what is frightening me .

Rose Bud said...

If either of these diseases have infeted the livestock in Libya, this would be a disaster. I know that exposure to all parts of the sheep are likely during the Ieed, so I hope we can verify this before then. I will keep souring the internet for details.

Anonymous said...

i live in benghazi.. and im a medical student in my fourth year.. i have not heard anything about anthrax or any disease from sheep going on.. hmm strange that you guys in tripoli know whats going on here in benghazi when the peeps in benghazi dont know?? anyway i told my fiance i dont want a sheep for eid anyway.. so im getting an iphone instead :D better than any sheep!! spare a life.. get an iphone hehehe

Queen O'Danile said...

I so want to see some rain here. I am sorely missing the change of seasons!