Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some News 4 You

Read this story as reported by Reuters in The Financial Times . Libya is discussing opening a Russian naval base somewhere in Libya in the future to counter balance the growing American influence in the region , the Russian business newspaper The Kommersant quotes insiders there in Russia as saying . Agency-France Presse reports also in ABS-CBN that a possible site for such a Russian naval base might be somewhere in Ben Ghazi which is situated in eastern Libya . It goes on to say that Russian rail monopoly signed a 2.2 billion Euro deal to build a railway line in Libya .

Also reported in the news ... Libya has made a $1.5 billion payment into the $1.8 billion fund set up to compensate the American family's of the victims of the 1988 Lockerbie , Scotland Pan Am bombing and the bombing of a 1986 German disco.

Other news of Russia and Libya ... a possible nuclear power plant is being rumored to be on the drawing board while the two leaders discuss a multi billion dollar deal in a arms purchase by Qaddafi , in exchange Russia agrees to forgive Libya's outstanding debts from the Cold War era .

On a different note , the election for a new president in America takes place tomorrow Nov. 4 all across America . For days now absentee voters and early voters have been sending in their votes . McCain and Obama both running a hard fought race for the title of President of America. Each one brings their own values to the table , along with their hopes and dreams for the future . Each has their own factions of support and I came across this article from The Sun Sentinel in the US state of Florida . It is by Rabbi Bruce Warshal who is a publisher of emeritus the Jewish Journal in which he discusses how much support Israel can count on from Obama . Obama's voting record in support for all Israeli aid . Pretty interesting reading and a must for Arab Americans who are voting tomorrow .

This past year has seen some odd news come to light; such as the British teacher in Sudan that was arrested last November all because her Muslim kindergarten students decided to name the class Teddy Bear Mohammed , which is the worlds most popular name by the way .Then there was the outrage over a police poster which featured a cute little fuzzy puppy by the Tayside Police department informing the Scottish residences of their new non emergency telephone number . Why ? Because dogs are considered unclean to Muslims , which meant that many of the religious shop owners Muslims in the community refused to hang the public announcement poster in their shops . Now I came across this story from WCBSTV in Parmus New Jersey . A eighth grader was sent home from school in a uproar over his choice of a Halloween costume last Friday October 31, Halloween , BECAUSE ..... his costume was deemed inappropriate . He was dressed as Jesus. The principal stated that it was disruptive and offensive to some. Isn't Jesus the founder of the Christian religion ? Isn't Halloween now celebrated as a Christian holiday around the world ? What next ? Poor kid ! The Politically Correct thing is way outta control here don't you think ?

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