Saturday, November 1, 2008


Let me go on record as saying ..... I am NOT AFRAID of the Black Magic they practice here in Libya , simply because in order to be afraid you have you believe and I don't .I am just amazed at how prevalently it is practiced by all these so called "self righteous , right thinking Muslims" here in Libya .The ones that would love to join the Tailabad and go kill the non believer Infidels !They are so Holy Roller but still they break the Laws by practicing Black Magic which is expressly forbidden in the Quran . How they think they will be able to square that with Allah/ God on Judgment Day is beyond reasoning .

I become shocked when I run into prejudice here in Libya because I have always been made welcome by almost everyone I meet , especially Moe's family . I have always been welcomed , considered family by them, and treated as such. So when I encounter bald hatred for no true apparent reason it bowls me over in shock .My kids did have to cope with it more than I did.I found that when dealing with the more ignorant uneducated prejudice people , it is better to smile and say hum . Sadly , ignorant superstitious prejudice people are everywhere in this world , not just here in Libya .

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egianqueen said...

It is interesting to me that so many 'believe' in the black magic. I have a friend who is Muslim and firmly believes in black magic - she was going through a rough patch and she was convinced that someone had cast the evil eye on her - I was very surprised as she is quite an educated person. Never ceases to amaze me what people will 'buy'.