Friday, February 27, 2009

Ace Is The Place

Moe and I did the monthly shopping yesterday and it nearly broke our bank , let me tell you ! I couldn't BELIEVE how much food items have gone up ! A small jar of coffee that used to be 3.50 is now 6 dinars and the large would be 10 , when it was only 7 something last month . It had to be a little jar since there weren't any large jars of either of these brands to be found ,Nescafe or Maxwell House brands in the several souks we went to . This is Libya . Hello , we drink capacious amounts of coffee here , and now you can't find larger jars of the stuff ? What next?

I did find several treasures though , like black eyed peas . I love them , being from Texas . We consider it bad luck not to eat them on New Years day . Well , we are having them at long last tonight and I hope it isn't too late for the good luck part , lol ! I also found Worcestershire sauce ..... Wooopppppeeeeee !!!!!!!! I bought 4 bottles , just in case it goes missing again . You should have seen the look on the check out girl when she saw all those bottles , lol !

Now I am hoping some enterprising person will bring in Secret deodorant one of these days too . Maybe some one that lived in the south of America and that understands the importance of those weird southern foods stuffs will import grits too . I love grits with my eggs in the mornings . Right now I have to substitute them with cous cous , but it just isn't the same at all . Grits are made from corn , hominy to be exact , where cous cous is a wheat product . But they look alike , lol .I am trying to trick my mind here into thinking it's grits I'm eating .

I got avocados too and will make a batch of chili with guacamole to go with it one night for dinner . I love to layer the chili in a bowel with a salad on the bottom , then crushed up corn chips like Doritos on top of the salad , then a ton of cheese on top of that , THEN the piping hot chili , with more cheese on top of that and for chuckles and grins , the
guacamole salad on the side with a dap of yogort on top of it .You think you died and went to heaven when you eat that meal . And talk about stuffed ? Honey that's all she wrote , when you eat that meal !

This is making me hungry , all this talk of food . I guess I need to get up from this computer and go start dinner . We are having cous cous with veggies tonight . I think I will make it hot with green peppers so we will have an excuse to eat ice cream , lol !

Oh , before I forget what I had orginally intended to write about , I better mention that I saw in the news that ACE HARDWARE stores in America are opening 6 stores here in Libya over the next ten years . This is a really big deal as far as I am concerned . How nice it will be to be able to go buy just a washer for the faucet instead if having to buy the whole thing just because it leaks ? Or maybe a hammer that the head doesn't go flying off the 1st time you use it ? Maybe even a proper shovel that has balance ? OMG !!! I hope they open one soon !


Serena said...

Thanks for sharing the info about Ace Hardware Stores...interesting...
The increase in prices has been a topic in our house too!

Pinky Tabor said...

ACE Hardware is really good news...and the food - avocados, that salad - makes my mouth water, lol.
The price increase is giving me second thoughts about going shopping for gifts to send home.:)

Anonymous said...

and I thought we had price hiles in Brazil. We do, but 7 - 10 Dinars, that's nearly 50%!

OTE, you like the letter "S", so I will give it to you, let's see you meme that... I look forward to your answers. Let me know when it is done, and don't forget to link back to where the meme came from.


Rose Bud said...

MMMM... make my mouth water. And Yay go ACE!

khadijateri said...

the cost of everything is increasing... but do we want to go back to the old days of Jamiyahs and their poor quality foods??.. I remember having to spend hours sorting the stones out of the rice and the bugs out of beans... ugh.. and having to deal with moldy macaroni..