Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The kids in the neighborhood have been on winter break from school this past week or two . They have been playing that age old wonderful game,marbles . I remember spending hours playing with my friends . We usually started to play when the weather warmed up in spring .I guess the weather we have had this past week has been rather spring like.It's no wonder that they are taking advantage of the good weather to play . The ground is nice and dry .

I went down to my car the other day and found around oh , I guess almost 20 boys from ages of 7 to 13 playing marbles in groups of 3's or 4's , with several boys kicking a soccer/ football around the different groups , all the while getting yelled at for getting in the way of their marbles games . It was very tense and serious let me tell you . I barely got a hello Haga from them , lol !

This morning I could hear the 4 little boys down stairs arguing over who had won the game from my kitchen window. I looked outside to see what was going on since it sounded so serious .It looked like the littlest one was the loser . He wasn't too thrilled with the verdict either . He lost his whole bag of marbles tearfully and not with out a fight . LOL!

I guess that ground hog was wrong yesterday . It sure looks like winter is on her way out and spring might be early this year , but who knows what Mother Nature has in mind for us here in Tripoli, huh ?

Oh, by the way , the picture is by the American artist Norman Rockwell , entitled "Champion" . He became famous for his pictures that showed everyday activities.

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ibeebarbie said...

You know it's no wonder that little ground hog sees his shadow with all the blarring camera lights angled on him just right.....lol

Well certainly where I live it's been relatively cold (freezing level) in the morning and then warming up nicely to the 60's during the day. Everyone here is complaining about needing rain, but I'm happily enjoying winter for one of the first times in a long time. lol