Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello !

I'm BACK !!!! I was off line so long due in part to LTT internet company here in Libya . SIGHING GOING ON HERE ! First it was money they were wanting , again , with the money ! Then it was the delay of the internet being reconnected , that 2 to 3 day delay we sometime experience with LTT service . Then after waiting THAT time period out ... I still couldn't sign in ! Oh NO ! Oh Yes ! So , I called the service people , and that was a ordeal all in it's self , let me tell you . I gave up on that and called my server instead and they were very prompt in their service .

BUT here too, I ran into a problem. Language , to be specific , English. I was being told my user name and password was invalid ,urgh !!!!! I called them and spoke to a very nice man and he told me he would reset my user name and password for me . Just SPELL out to him my user name and the password . Ok .Easy , correct ? NOOOOO !First there was the letter " E" . He thought i was saying the letter "A" instead of the "E" . That took a few minutes to get across to him . I guess it is my strong southern accent , lol ! Then I it was the letter "B" , sigh ! OMG ! "B" as in BOY , not "V" ! No , "B" ! NOT "P" ! Yes "B". What ? No , no not "P" ! I start to mutter under my breath , which really didn't help matters any , lol . Then eventually he got the "B" . Yeah ! We moved on to "S" .I won't go into too much on that letter, but in the end I told him it sounded like SH_T ! Then he got it !

That was Thursday . He told me to wait for 5 minutes and it would work . Ah , sweet little promises ! I ran and fixed a HOT cup of coffee to drink while I wrote . I got the chair all ready .Hooked up all the wires . Punched all the buttons . Sat in eager anticipation . Tick tock went the clock .TIME ! I logged in and ... It didn't work !!!!! Same old message , your user name and or password is invalid ! I saw RED !

By this time it was too late to do anything but wait for the week end to pass . I would go down there in person on Sunday .So , imagine my surprise when just for chuckles and grins , I signed in BEFORE I went to the office this morning and found YOU , my friends ,just waiting for me to come on line .

Oh Happy Days are here again ! I was going through withdraw this past week . Moe commented last night that I looked so sad with out the computer to use , lol .It is amazing how much I depend on the computer for so much of my information and to stay in touch with family and friends .I feel so much better now .Thank you Dear Internet people !

I have had adventures while I was on a vacation and will write all about that soon . There will be a few pictures too .Anticipation ......


Meme said...

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh welcome back sweety!

on the edge said...

It's good to be back darlink !

Rose Bud said...


Anonymous said...

Now i understand why I haven't seen your blog... LOL

I'll never laugh at our Brazilian service again, there is always someone worse off.


on the edge said...

If only we could get the importance of the 3 World across to 1st World leaders , things will be all that much better for people like you and me , A.V. !
See how important the 3 World is to the 1st ? Some one is always worse off , and it is usually the 3rd World people . We are a public service ! LOL !We make the 1st World feel good !