Thursday, February 5, 2009

Has Anyone Seen the Money ?

Is there any one else out there TIRED of hearing about the ' financial crisis" or the " economic crisis " , i.e. anything other than what it is , a global depression ? I mean the money is gone , right ? But did any one of you actually SEE that money Before it disappeared ? You know , like hold it in your hot sweaty hand ?

I know I sure didn't get to see it ,or hold it in my hand , nor did I put any of it in our bank account . I definitely didn't get to go shopping until I dropped either, with any of it . More is the pity .

So, what happened to it ? Where was it for real before it disappeared ? Evidently NOT in the BANKS , according to them . I think the real question should be who knows the answer to this question . That person knows where it was , where it went , and where it is now .

Ok , it disappeared , but it didn't like vaporize into thin air , so where did it go ? MAYBE .... it never really existed at all but "THEY" made it all up . Yeah , like a conspiracy theory .HUM , what do you think ?

You know I love Obama but PLULEESSSS ... why has he appointed a man that can't seem to figure out how to pay his own taxes, the new Secretary of Treasury ? Timothy F. Geithner is also the ex- president and chief executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York . He failed to pay $34,000 in his own personal income taxes in the past .Is this the man we want or need to tell us how to pay our taxes .Maybe he knows or has seen the money ??? He did work at the Federal Reserve Bank , right ?

So ,while we are discussing conspiracy theory's here , do you think there is really some one out there ?????


Serena said...

It's all too complicated for me to sort through and understand OR have they made it complicated to cover up? I keep thinking...we have the We need to replace Congressmen and Senators who have forgotten that they represent us!

Anonymous said...

did youreadgoldstien flat earths theory, he posted that the earth is flat from west to east the money slid as the turns [turns towards the east.thats a fact ];and since his theory the tilt to east ,the money slid from Iceland to britian and iceland went broke mony went further and slid to reside in little cave called israil[plastine occupied] and is being garded by ten hassidites waiting for the mesiah to come.Nowyuo know were the money is.

abdullah SH said...

that `s 1st qustion appeared infront of me !!??

where this money gone !!

did u have answer !!??

sometimes there is benifit when u live in develpmental country !!
no crisis here ...


on the edge said...

I think Anonymous has a good theory . As good As I have heard so far !!! LOL !

MusicLover said...

Alanis Morissette - Hand In My Pocket

I feel sorry for people that the party is over :-), now it is a wake up call.

MusicLover said...

Alanis Morissette - Hand In My Pocket

I feel sorry for people that the party is over :-), now it is a wake up call.