Monday, March 16, 2009

Censorship And Mystery Of The Sea

I have been made aware by fellow blogger PH , a.k.a. Anonymous, that not all his comments go through to my email box . He has very angerly accused me of censorship of the comments which I publish . Another blogger has also mentioned his troubles in getting his comments through to me also . Sorry to any and all of you that are having this difficulty BUT ....... the censorship is not from me , ok ? I have , will , and do publish ALL COMMENTS that I receive in my email box . Even the hateful ones .

MAYBE , and I say this cautiously , it is the server that exercises it's right of censorship in some instances ? I don't know , but I DO KNOW IT IS NOT ME DOING THE CENSORING . Having said this , I am pretty sure that some one will test this out by sending something rude or nasty just to see if I will keep my word . I will. Anyway , please feel free to make a comment on anything I write about .If it comes to my In BOX , I will publish it .

So , that is out of the way , now I'll change the subject , ok ? The weather . That should be a safe topic huh ? It has been coolish these last few days .Today it was windy and cold off and on with low clouds . LOL ! I should try out to be a Weather Woman on TV , lol .

Moe and I went to sit on the beach today to eat our lunch. We watched the wind blowing the low grey clouds here and there . No one else was there , it was just us . Like the beach belonged to us and we were the only people in the world at that moment .

I noticed a little ways out to sea , a float of some sort , much like the big ones you see on commercial nets bobbing up and down in the water . As I watched it , I noticed it was moving against the current and moving quickly ,at that . I was wondering how that could happen when all of the sudden I saw a fin slice up out of the water . It was black . It was only there for a second , then it disappeared, as if I imagined it .

I looked closely at the float just in case it happened again. I wanted to confirm what I thought I had seen . Nothing happened . I told Moe to look with me and he didn't even see the float at first , then he saw the float also.

. We sat watching the float bob around in the water aimlessly for a while , when two flippers sprung up out of the water in front of us and just as quickly , disappeared back in to the sea . This continued to occur off and on for around 30 minutes , until whatever it was moved too far out to sea to be visual any longer .

I am not sure if it was a dolphin we saw , or shark , or what , but it was thrilling to watch . All the times we have sat on the beach I have wondered if something like this would ever happen ,
sort of like a fantasy , and it really did happen today . How about that ? I guess this will remain a mystery of the sea .


Rose Bud said...

Sounds like you and dad had fun.

There are two main reasons the posts are not getting to you. 1. When the reader pushes the, "Post Comment" button the message does not always go through with the first try. Readers: Make sure there are no red letters after you push the button. If there are red letters then try again. 2. Your spam filter is catching the posts of the readers. Check your spamfilter every once in a while.

Maya M said...

I don't understand why some commenters feel entitled to have their comments published. Every blog author is lord of his blog. I agree with Ayn Rand that freedom of speech doesn't require anybody to provide resources for his opponents to express their opinions. Your blog, your readers' audience are such resources. It is not censorship to refuse them to somebody, if you decide so. It would be cendorship if you had hacked Blogger and messed up with PH's blog.

KhedegahMc said...

Wow MashAllah that was excellant....Maybe IT WAS A SHARK, and that is why no-one was at the beach hehehhehehehee....''de nan de nan denandenadenan Jaws LOL''