Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Right Or Wrong

I was just reading the news when I stumbled across this news " Libya Tortures Four Christian Converts " . at Persecution.org , International Christian Concern . This disturbed me as I know that Christians are allowed to worship here in Libya freely .... AS LONG AS THEY DON'T TRY TO EVANGELIZE any Muslims here in Libya .

It is a death sentence in the Quran for any Muslim to convert to any other religion , especially if they were born into Islam as all Libyans are here in Libya .All Libyans know this is a Islamic law and a civil Libyan law as well . I think most outsiders know this also .

Having said this , I feel that I must make it clear that not under any situation or circumstances I do condone torture of any sort , by anyone , or any nation for any reason , religious or political .

I think all parties involved in this incidence are guilty . The Outsiders for evangelizing Muslims here in Libya knowing it was a violation of the law . Making it that more likely for other law abiding Christians in Libya to fall under scrutiny by the authorities . The Libyans clearly knew what the consequences would be for them and possibly for others like them if caught .Their disregard for the safety of others is appalling for putting them in harms way . This is a terrible situation for all , making Libya look bad internationally .

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Shahrazad said...

Habibti- torture is just plain and simple to understand- a disgrace in itself where nothing good results.
I am a believer of human rights and believe that no one has a right to torture anyone what the reason maybe. We are human beings not animals,though animals might behave better than us with their linmited capacity of conception which is only natural!

May God help us all.