Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stairways To Heaven ?

I'm tired of the soap box so check out these stairs .They are way cool !

Would be dangerous to try these drunk !
The ideal tree house stairs huh ?
So cool and sleek .
Love the concept behind these . So much fun to play Hide and Seek .

Absolutely would break my neck on these !
Forget about it !
I wonder if it feels weird to climb these stairs ?
Every one should have one of these in their lives huh ?
A good concept gone bad !

Art !
The best Ideal !
Do these move as you climb them ?


Serena said...

Hmmm...think I'll just wait for you on the first floor!

on the edge said...

LOL ! It just might be a while lot safer huh ?

NuNa said...

10x, really i like. itz fun

Rose Bud said...

Oh Yikes! I wonder how long it would take me to fall down those! lol

Anonymous said...

Some of them look like fun... then there are the others.


KhedegahMc said...

I love the book shelfone....but I guess thats cos I have loads of The Way if you have any requests for books....I will give you notice b4 I come over en sha Allah , so compile your list Ukhti, and I will see what I can do en sha Allah.

Khedegah xxxx