Monday, March 30, 2009

Libya’s NOC To Pre-Empt Chinese Acquisition Of Verenex

"Libya’s NOC To Pre-Empt Chinese Acquisition Of Verenex" , these headlines made my heart sing as more and more China try's to corner the worlds future oil reserves by buying them all up as they come on the open market, especially in Africa .

They need the oil more desperately than the Western nations to full their economic growth machine . If not stopped now we will find the oil of the future controlled by some one that can't be divided as the West try's to do with OPEC nations now . China is far stronger , more powerful , and larger than OPEC is today .

What with America's 15 digit burgeoning budget deficit and the USA's $7,000,000,000 government debt owed to China , the world will wake one day very soon to discover that the sleeping Giant wasn't sleeping at all ! I just hope China hasn't finished buying or poisoning the world before this happens .

They have a standing ready made army of millions to call upon if the case should arise . They are trying to take over the world economic export markets and would have except for the last two years of poisoned toys , milk , pet food , clothing , paint , fertilizers , toothpaste, and now add rotting dry wall in the USA . And they are going about business as usual very quietly . Wake up and smell the stink people ! Stop China before it is too late .

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