Friday, September 19, 2008

Do You Believe ?

Century's now , people have been taking and writing about angels . The Jews , the Christians , and the Muslims all believe in angels . They are mentioned in their books of religion . They are pictured here and there, in some very strange places at times . ABC World News did a feature on what Americans think about angels .

Now I am asking you ...... do you believe in angels too ? The spiritual type , the sort you don't see . I am not talking about those wonderfully helpful people that in real life are there when you need some one now and then , but honest to God angels . Do you think they exist ? Have you ever had a encounter with a angel ? What do you think they look like if you believe ? And most importantly , where are they ?

The angel picture is by Catherine Andrews and is titled Heaven Of Angels


abdullah SH said...

oh iam soooo sorry deary ...happy birth day & wish best 4 d best ....

do you believe in angels too ?
yp 4 two reasons ..
1st one "mention in our quran "
2nd " iam always thrs some spiritual around me just sense ...


ibeebarbie said...

Absolutely I believe in angel, and have been blessed to see them, feel them and hear them. Mere words cannot describe what the presence of an angel feels like.