Friday, September 5, 2008

Hell Has Finally Frozen Over

USA Secretary Of State Condoleeeza Rice is visiting Libya today to meet with Gaddafi , so reports Reuters news service . So , I guess this means that Hell has finally frozen over ! I am wondering where she will stay . There isn't an "Official" embassy here for America YET . I have even heard a rumor that Sheila Might be on call for her just in CASE !

There are all sorts of rumors of a embassy opening with a actual ambassador to go in it ... soon . That's the what we have been told . It will be a full service embassy , that means women like me , married to a Libyan national will be able to get service too , not just the mainland US citizens that are working here for American companies .

This will be a exciting improvement over the past , after the way we have been treated , like a step child hidden in the attic . If you can picture happy dancing , then you see many of the American women married to Libyans happy to know maybe now we be counted as a citizen again by our own country ... even though we live here in Libya .

Ramadan hasn't been going as smoothly as I thought it would this year. Our daughter in law , along with our grandson was staying with us all last week . That was a adjustment in it’s self since Haroun is into every little thing now , lol . They went back to their home last night and the house is sooo quite now . LOL ! Amazing how much life a toddler can infuse into a place !! He said his first real word the other day and it was the Libyan word " hickey " , which "means like that ". Like if he was into something he wasn't supposed to be doing , his mother would say to him ... hickey ? I guess he hears that word a lot , lol .

Tomorrow I will be a year older . I am getting into this being older thing . I am finding out that being a older person has it's own advantages , such as just doing whatever I want now . I speak my mind more often and voice my opinion to the dismay of many , lol . When there are protest , I smile and say , " hey I am old now and can say that ". People let me sit down in their seats . Allow me to go first through the door , and are patient when I am moving slowly through the check out line . Ah yes , old isn't so bad after all .


KhedegahMc said...

Asalom Alai Kom Ukhti,

En sha Allah your Ramadan is going well.

MashAllah I m so happy you are finally getting a piece of your homeland back. En sha Allah it will bring beneficial changes to all concerned.

JazakhAllah Kharyun for teaching me a new word.....I have to practice the Libyan dialect, and this is a good way, mashAllah.

Ma Saloma

KhedegahMc said...

Oops almost forgot....HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....

I have a rule: You can be any age you like on your birthday...and no one can say otherwise...well for the day hahahahhaa.

Khedegah xxxx

Serena said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Highlander said...

That's something I was not aware of On the Edge, did not know that your office here was only taking car of the oil workers/companies.
Sad :(
Anyway maybe this is for the better now.
Ramadan Mubarak to you and yours.

on the edge said...

I am sorry if I gave the impression that ONLY the American company employees where helped by the liaison office here .They do provide some services here for all but it seems as if IN THE PAST if we needed anything we had to go to another country where a embassy was located to receive service for anything more complicated than a application for something . Where as we were always hearing how this employee or that employee of such and such company got " full service " . I also know of many Libyan / Americans that have been sent off to another country for service rather than trying to help them from here .It will be nice not to have to pay for a unnecessary trip outside the country to have something done now .

on the edge said...

And I want to thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes .

ibeebarbie said...

Salam On the Edge,
Excuse my delay, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a great birthday. I agree with the sentiments of getting older and not really giving a crap about what people think. It just seems when we get a little older people seem to be more tolerant and when we are real young kids people are tolerant, but the in between stage seems to be hell. :-)

Did you wave to Condi? With all your fingers?

Regards to you and Moe.

on the edge said...

Of course mere mortals such as I (LOL) were not invited to see / meet Ms. Rice . What where you thinking ? I am just a American that is married to a Libyan living here , nor someone important like a diplomat . Seriously though , she had a very tight schedule ahead of her on this trip and not too much time for socializing .It only stands to reason she would be doing her job as a diplomat , not as a meet and greet official . Next time , lol !
Thank you for the Happy Birthday !!! Hope all is well with you and Amira !

PH said...

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!! I'm sorry for the delay .. I left the browser windows open to remember to log in and comment then went out, before commenting, and totally forgot :P sorry :).