Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike's Post Script

The above pictures were taken at
Houston , Clear Lake , and Galveston .

Rosebud called me just a little whole ago . She is my daughter that lives in Houston . She posted on her blog her experience of Hurricane Ike . Thought you might want to read her " eye wittiness " account of what happened to her and her husband .

Some 14 oil refiners were shut down due to Hurricane Ike and 1 in Louisianan was still closed because of a slow recovery from Hurricane Gustav that hit that state recently , reports Reuters news service . The price of oil is already on the steep rise even though President Bush had asked everyone to report any price gouging of petrol .

Ike is currently wearing his self out heading up the state of Texas toward the state of Arkansas CNN reports . The National Geographic News service tells us just HOW lucky Galveston and Houston got the very last minute as Ike had a change of heart and made a sharp turn to the right of the island as it made it's way inland , saving many lives in the process.


Caught in the middle said...

I'm glad your daughter and her husband are safe and well. I hope you hear from the rest of the family soon and I will pray that they are well also.

a_akak said...

I hope your family are ok and al-hamid lil allah alaa salamithum

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Hi On the Edge,
I swear no matter how many times I see such tragic pictures of such devastation is just seems all too surreal to me. Howevever, proof is definitely in the photos, videos and accounts such as Rose Bud's. Hope the rest of your family and friends faired as well as she and her husband.

meme said...

My sister lives in US ..we were worried about her but thank god she is fine..
may god protect your family