Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Coming from the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, I have a very healthy respect for hurricanes .Went through several and lived to tell the tale but I have seen first hand the extreme damage that they can do to man and earth alike . If there was ever any doubt about heeding a hurricane warning , I hope that people remember the most recent Infant Terrible " Katrina" that had a terrible temper tantrum and almost destroyed a whole way of life three years ago on the southern coast of America from New Orleans to Alabama .

In 1900 another such killer struck and did destroy a island , Galveston Island , Texas .This hurricane was a category 5 and hit the island with a tidal wave that cleared everything in it's path .The people of Galveston raised the height of the island by 17 feet and built a sea wall to help prevent another such disaster from ever happening again , but after seeing the way Hurricane Ike scaled a five story apartment building in Cuba with a surge of sea water taller than the building ( and they aren't calling it a tsunami just a sea surge ) I wonder will a sea wall do any good.

Now Hurricane Ike is fore casted to hit anywhere from the Louisiana coast to maybe as far south as Mexico . It seems as of now ,the mid Texas coast ,the Corpus Christi area ,might be it's next target . Where ever it goes it will most likely be the cause of much damage because it will have a good chance to suck up tons of warm water from the Gulf Of Mexico and build it's strength back up to a full blown monster by land fall later this week . Remember that old saying ... " Don't mess with Mother Nature " ? Well , I want to add to that saying .... " Get out of Her way when She is having a fit " ! If you are living in the projected path of this storm , for goodness sakes evacuate . Evacuate from any hurricane , because you will never know which one will be the next Katrina , until it is way too late .

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