Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hot , Hurrican Ike , And Too Much Ramadan !

Spoke to some of my family in Houston last night before Hurricane Ike hit .They had batten down the hatches so to speak . I have spoken to my daughter and son in law this morning and they are ok .Thank Allah !The National Hurricane Center said that Ike was roughly 600 miles across . That is the same distance from Houston, Texas all the way to Panama City , Florida , 6 states apart .

Many of the rivers, creeks, and bayous that lacy their way all through out the Houston area have flooded . Galveston Island and the low lands north of the island getting the worse of course .Still not a lot of news coming out of there yet since many of the telephone and electric lines are down as well as internet too . So maybe until later today or even tomorrow before I hear from the rest of the family there .

On the other hand , I have have had enough of HOT , STICKY , HUMID Tripoli today !!! The fan quit working last night . I have the air conditioner going full blast and it is still hot in the house .I take a shower and before I even dry off , I am sweating all over again ! I wish it would get cool and maybe have some rain .It's raining ever where else in the world , why not here ???

And .... Allah forgive me , I have had enough of Ramadan today ! It is one of those days when you feel like this has gone on way too long . I am not hungry or thirsty , just tired of the whole thing . Maybe it is worrying over my family that is making me feel all out of sorts , or maybe it is the full moon coming up . I don't know . I think I will go back to bed ...... until it is all over !


ibeebarbie said...

Salam On the Edge,
Can't tell you how relieved I was to see your post and know that Rose Bud is fine, alhamdullilah. I saw the big label on my homepage when I logged in this morning about Ike hitting and wondered if her and hubby survived, so thanks for posting. Hope the rest of the family fairs as well also, inshallah.

As and FYI, it's still hot here in northern Cali as well, but not humid, thank God.

Also understand those days when it seems enough is enough of whatever "enough" is at the moment. :-)

on the edge said...

Thanks Ibee ! They are ok . Sent me a video and it was all rain but seemed to be ok in their part of Houston .

Caught in the middle said...

Oh on the are having one of those days...stay in bed for a while, that usualy helps.

a_akak said...

I hope your family are ok?