Monday, September 8, 2008

Who Is Ahead Now

Well it looks like Sarah "Who" Palin just might pull the rabbit out of the magic hat for Senator McCain . The very latest polls show a narrow margin with McCain ahead of Senator Obama .

I heard a news commentator say that Rush Limbaugh was so excited about her nomination as running mate for McCain that he was quoted as saying ," Hot damn ! Guns , babies , and Jesus what more does America want ?" I am not saying this is TRUE but it does make you ask yourself is this really all the American voters think about ?

They say that Senator Obama isn't qualified because of his lack of foreign policy experience but he does have Senator Joe Biden who is the chairman of the
Foreign Relations Committee in the US senate .This is the balance the Democratic ticket needs . Sarah "WHO" Palin doesn't bring experience of this caliber to the Republican party at all . What if she does happened to become the president through default of McCain's demise , will she really be able to lead the US through the hard times ahead for that nation ?


Rose Bud said...

Hear! Hear!

HEBA said...

When ever I read more about this, I got confused with the planned mess.