Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You & News

I just wanted to thank all of you for the Happy Birthday wishes . It was a exciting day . A good friend came over with balloons , chips , beer ( non alchoalic kind ) and candles . No we didn't set the place on fire , lol ! We did have a lot of fun though with those balloons .

Ramadan has finally settled down into it's retuine now . I am abale to get more than a meal cooked these days .Have done some reading of the Quran that I had wanted to do . A little visiting , and managed not to burn or otherwise , destroy a meal .That's big progress because for a while there it was pretty touch and go whether or not any of these things would happen .

My daughters called me on my birthday and I didn't even have the time to really talk to them and that made me feel so bad . I miss them and look forward to their calls when they get the chance to call .

I kicked Moe out of the house after he had started to grow roots into the floor in front of the TV the other night . I told him it was Ramadan and he HAD to go outside after dinner and talk to the " Jahmah " ( the group) and have some "Joe " ( weather or your state of mind ) because I was tired of having him under my feet 24/7 .

Just read where the IMF ( International Monetary Fund) organization is suggesting that Libya slow down it's public spending and decide which programs are the most important to support because of possible rising inflation from government investments outside Libya .For more on that story go to this link by Reuters .

More on the new ambassador .....A US Senate committee has decided to postpone the diplomat Gene Cert's appointment as the new ambassador to Libya because of US concerns that Libya still hasn't deposited the funds agreed upon for the victims of terrorist acts. Libya admitted to set up a account set aside for that propose . Read the rest of that story here .

One last article I found reports Gaddafi LOVES Condoleeza Rice after her visit last week to Tripoli . How the American the oil companies want this settlement deal to be finalized and finished with so " business as usual " can continue on a more secure footing than now; with a more completive edge against the European oil companies .


PH said...

Thanks for the Reuters IMF link, some good points there. Inflation is really becoming a problem and hitting the lower middle class and poor.

Queen O'Danile said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear OTE, happy birthday to you. I didnt know or I would have made a bigger deal out of it--haha! Many happy returns! Nice to read your update--and your post abt hurricanes. I gotta spend some time here---I missed a lot having no net. I missed ya Gal! So how's about we meet somewhere in (my) western desert--Siwa perhaps??? Wouldnt that be a hoot! Seriously do u ever get over here? Let's try to meet!

Queen O'Danile said...

Oh--btw--Gaddafi loves Condi??? What a hoot. Frankly, they deserve each other if that's the case. I personally find them both barfable!

HEBA said...

was it your birthday?!!

Happy birthday , wish all the best

meme said...

wooow how nice it's your birthday! i did not know ...i would have sent some baloons and cake if i knew anyway
wish you much pleasure and joy..happy birthday

on the edge said...

Hey Queenie !!! Sorry never get outta of Dodge around here , but if I ever do ,I will come and see you and of course Egian Queen too ! One day Inshallah !!

PH ... inflation hitting us all honey ! Cost me twice as much this Ramadan as last year for grocery's and that's with nothing fancy .

Ladies ... next year we will have a big blog blow out party , lol ! I will be thinking on a way to do that .